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07-15-2008, 11:40 AM

As the topic states above.
The only way for us in Sweden (Europe) to get it on steam is for a USA person gift it to us. (I think that works)

It shouldn't be that way i believe.

We should be able to buy it over steam as well as any USA residence.

Many game companies complain a lot on games being pirated etc over internet and selling of games goes down, well duh, now I start understand why this happens.
If you don't allow people to buy over the net (limit where to sell your products) then it's bound to happen even more.
There are tons of assassin's creed fans who wanna download it over steam who can't.
As well for other famous games by you.

I'm one of them and I will not buy this game unless it gets on steam!
Why go buy a CD/DVD now, when I can simply get it from internet fast, easy + legally (It's a 3 in 1) system.
Steam is the future for the game industry's online market and will take away much of piracy issue problems + raise sales for companies aka You (Ubisoft) I believe!

Also this comment was posted in the assassin's creed forum on steam:
"Can steam release Assassins creed in Australia and Other countries that don't have it and want it....

i mean no wonder people go out and torrent the games.... i would rather download from steam because it gives updates and stuff automatically.... come on release assassins creed in Australia and Europe At least."
By rickyweeks.

FIX IT, This is pure stupidity!
European/Australian players are angry, We wish to play as well!

07-16-2008, 01:04 AM
You'd be surprised how easy it is to crack steam.

Half-life and Counter-Strike are by far the most pirated games. Ever. Why? Because when someone cracks a steam account, the first games he can think of are those two.

When those games start to get boring, who will they go for next?

It's not assassin's creed's fault. It's steam. Their security against pirating must be so bad that to counter-weight that they decided to make it USA only. Which is a stupid move that I don't understand at all.

07-16-2008, 11:38 AM
"You'd be surprised how easy it is to crack steam."

If it was sooooo dam easy to do it, then no one would buy their games, just get it illegaly.
And steam would not have any game companys wanting to use their sell method cause that would be giving away the games.

"Their security against pirating must be so bad that to counter-weight that they decided to make it USA only"

1. It's realeased on steam allready meaning anyone who fakes a usa ip can buy the game legaly anywhere in the world or crack it as you said. Tho I guess not many avredge computer users even bothers with trying trying to fake their IP more then some dork.
So atm most cracked "steam versoins" if any exist at all, it's in USA.
And other illgal copys of disk images has nothing to do with steam.
Sorry to break the bubble.

But this is about some legal right thing I don't know the specifics of it, but it is saying that Steam can't realese to others then usa.
And who controll that thing? not steam, forum moderators tells us to complain on game companies "UBI" themself's for not makeing us able to buy this game legaly over steam that allready exists on steam but for usa only, since its not a thing steam can chose to fix, they would if they could I believe.

2. looking on population, usa is the 3'rd lagrest populated country in the world/same for land mass.
Point: The game has allready been released in the 3'rd biggest country and therefor they should have more problems with pirated "steam" versions over there then over here.

The most problem UBI can have about the game here is pirated disk images, cause ppl wont buy games in stores.
Just look above that the guy said this, that i copyed.

Limiting people from buying the game in other countrys will make those countrys try get these games in all way they can.
So you can say atm UBI are 1 reason themselfs atm for illegal copys exists more then it have to I believe, since they wont sell them legaly more then in stores, and buying games in stores are beeing a bit old these days, none of me or my friends does it any more if we know they exists on steam, we only by from steam.
I even give away games I bought in the stores to my friends cause if i want to play them again, I just rebuy them on steam much cheaper then I bought them in the store anyways.
Steam is the greatest thig for internet gameing industry sinmply.
And the more that uses steams and buy from it supports steam also, cause some money goes to them inorder to make them develop and make steam more secure among other grate gameing features.
No more cd scrates or tons of cd's to keep track of. etc etc, its just simple and easy!

Btw I saw an youtube movie of a girl downloading music on her computer and then a add came saying you are doing a crime.
It was some American anti piracy comercial, same goes with games.
But the companys must understand that if they wont even sell their product to some ppl then this wil happen even more then it's doing.
I hate piracy myself, cause it's not good for game makers and we get less good games of quality and probably higer price as well. But I'm starting to hate game companies even more cause of their dam limitations.

Like if a game gets released in USA we in Europe have to wait more then 1 month in many many cases to buy same product.
That itself leads to many piracy verions from "usa" appears on the internet even more, so the jokes are on the companies for their limitations a alot I believe.
Sorry to say.

If anyone could legally access/buy the things they want then less problems would appear. And that is a common fact.

Games should not be limited! hope Ubi reads this and get the message, and open up so everyone can buy this game, not just in stores.
Your loseing sales >.>
Ton's of Europeans and Australians were dissapointed cause we saw we could by it soon on steam, and then you turn us down with the dam limitation thing.
BAD MOVE! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_mad.gif

07-16-2008, 12:23 PM
actualy steam is easily cracked you can do it for any account its just there is very few hacked file servers so the files can be hard to get.

but the fact is things happen like this all the time due to international distribution and copyright laws so they technicaly need to do differant paper work and get aproval from each riegon.

07-16-2008, 09:28 PM

You couldn't be far from the truth. It is awfully hard to crack it. It is ubi's forum so don't wanna speak about piracy but finding a working copy of HL2 in first few months after release was impossible. even now years after release the version available for download are often unplayable and unstable. It is not easy to crack steam. simple like that.

but that thread is not about steam at all. the game is already there; but about ubi's weird policy releasing games only to NA. From our side (non americans) it is stupid, arrogant, very irritating move. Maybe Ubi does have very good reasons to do so.
but it would be nice if we had some explanation.

07-16-2008, 10:50 PM
Word of caution: discussions related to cracks and piracy and how easy or not it is to crack Steam accounts are not allowed in these forums.
I will leave this thread open, so that you can discuss legal digital distribution and your opinions about it, but no piracy-related talk.

07-17-2008, 09:52 AM
so many urban myths about STEAM years after they 'proved' lie

so let's slaughter some of them for once and good:

STEAM client auto-updates could be ignored until application restart (user decision)
STEAM games (each got own setting) auto-updates could be disabled (user decision)
STEAM offline mode could be used (users decision)
STEAM files can be backed up to any media (user decision)
STEAM community is optionable (user decision)
STEAM works from any directory on any storage device (user decision)
STEAM games could be in other locations on different device(s) than STEAM client (client decision) e.g. symlinks/hardlinks/junctions usage w/o issue
STEAM offers option to take part in both STEAMclient / game betas if user wish to (publisher/developer decision)
STEAM annoucements about new game released or discounts can be disabled (user decision)
VAC is not part of STEAM it's part of VALVE game engine SDK (something totally different than STEAM )
VALVE don't control price, discounts or region availability of games on STEAM (publisher / developer decision)
game can exist in STEAM and non STEAM variant e.g. for retail (developer/publisher decision) e.g. gives option to re-release any older title on STEAM
tons of free bonus goodies like STEAMcommunity, STEAMworks for developers/publishers
priceless STEAMhardwaresurvey and huge network to distribue patches / games for 'free'

in short if You don't like STEAM, don't use it but DO not block this 'option' to these who WANT use it!

STEAM is just another online distribution platform and clever publisher / developer covers them all or most (to gain highest % of potential market)
why ignore 15-18 millions of STEAM users and potential income from them ?
games can become profitable just from STEAM pre-orders (thanks to huge client base)
games can be pre-loaded and launched world-wide from day zero with nearly zero chance of 'warez' leak (strong encryption on game assets, no binaries till release Day etc)
after release game protection is similar to any 'copy protection' it will be broken when RE is done (sooner or later)
yet when illegal usage is detected then user account is banned from STEAM network (that's more than You can ever reach with any CD/DVD/BD protection)

i doubt in modern 'online' world there is ANY reason to ignore services like STEAM (Valve), IMPULSE (StarDock), GamersGate, GameTap, Direct2Drive etc.
if developer / publisher want people to prefer theirs own inhouse online service then there is easy solution
just to put their games on other services with 33% to 50% higher price but still keep that option to customers to choose where to buy ...

now i'm waiting for some arguable arguments against

07-17-2008, 10:01 AM
Thanks for understanding this thread was made for "legal digital distribution" and not steams security.

Funny fact:

<LI>Europeans must often wait ages for games thas been released in USA before distrubution within our countrys and in many cases other countrys order from usa due to this.
(Hmm, takes months in some cases before games and other digital media is sold outside USA, And still my letter to my pen-pall friend that probably get check by some security hing by USA for bomb threaths/viruses etc god knows arives in 2 weeks max.. Must be the size that counts..)
Refering to CD/DVD you buy in stores.
<LI> Comercial arrives online saying you can buy this and that soon, and when the date is here, we get nothing, why? Cause a line on some papper say "sorry you have to wait, your not american", even tho it's 100% possible to do the trade if only that line/annoying parasite block get taken away.
<LI>You can read daily about computer companies or music compaines yelling, buy all things in the stores. (Tho on the other hand they totaly forget to sell the things to us untill they are basicly outdated when something new is popular) and some sales don't even reach the market at all, unless you make an special order.
<LI> Is tradeing buying games online by client's such as steam the next step of sales for gameing and msuic industry?
Answer is clearly yes, since people have a desire for digital media content, and not ton's of cd's/dvds laying around the house getting scratced and not usable any more.
Compaines are in battles with piracy by countering that on the market by their ways of selling digital media legally insteed, witch is a great step, but putting a block on the selling content online due to country is saying "You can't buy it, cause your not american" sounds to me almost abit rasistic, tho theres probably some good explenation. Or wait a minute there cant be, since why would companies say they are progressing so much in this area, and then on the other hand "sorry only for americans".
Specialy when it's online and not 1000 miles away and costs to ship the contents.
Nor will the company lose and money by it either, just gain from it, since they would open it the products for easy, fast, and legally access for more then 1.000.000 people.
<LI>Many european countrys are takeing all harder meassurements towards piracy and force people to buy things legally, who wanna get in jail for some click? No one.
But in order to stop piracy in same process digital media needs to get legally access able as well, CD and DVD market is die'ing a bit and becomeing the old fasion way of getting content.
But many still buys CD's/DVD's for many other reasons then just games/music and the CD/DVD market wont die out, just decrease a bit with digital media as it's opponent.
Trying force people go to stores and buy CD/DVD's as an first alternative, rather then online by via digital media, haveing to wait even more months then at the already long waiting time for stores to sell their products in CD/DVD format is not the right answer for game companies.
<LI>By the time UBI will have released Assassins creed on steam, witch my guess is next year (if even at all), they have allready lost tons of sales digitaly, cause people have obtained the game other ways.
Legaly or not, but the strongest fans will have played it somehow garenteed whin a year.

So the laws / system needs be changed for the future good!

Sorry zgubilici for bringing up little about my thoughts about "piracy" again, it's just to get people to realise a bit more, cause it's also a small part of "legal digital distribution" why this law or system needs a change, just not only for this game, Since the law applys for sure more games as well and maybe other content.

What I'm saying is based on studdys made from 4 lochal schools here in sweden ages from 40-12 and the current laws in europe countrys, so I don't base what I'm saying entierly by my own oppinions.
I made a research 1 year ago about peoples buying habbits offline and online.

This will be the last long post I make about this, but I hope people reply and say they also want the block to be taken off!
Specialy for content who are allready in the stores in europe, why not online as well, then it allready exists.

Feels like I have said mine for now

And sorry for my bad english..

09-15-2008, 03:25 AM
I'm steam user (Russia) and I'll never by Retail anymore. If I can't get game via steam because of publisher stupidity, I just download it from torrents and play for free.