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http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif Heres a Fairly Good write up on the Last of the Props Air duels.
Link is here. http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_156.shtml



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Now that is interesting.

The Soccer War:
Mayor Trabanino would have €žthe fortune€œ of becoming one of the last piston engine pilots to be shot down in a dogfight. According to an observer, Mayor Trabanino was an excellent aerobatics pilot, but committed the cardinal error of trying to evade Mayor Soto€s attack with these tactics. According to Mayor Soto, €žit was fantastic to see those Salvadorans fly€œ.


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Great find, Woofie, thanks!

Now all we need to do is set our skinner and campaign-builder amigos on this material and voila! The Football War comes to life anew!

Okay, that maybe sounded a little snarky, but I'm serious. I mean, we do have the planes, now. Seems like it could be fun to me.

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Actually, no you don't have these two planes now. You don't have the F4U-4. The F4U-4 was the plane that stayed in production postwar, and the first production models were accepted by the Navy in January 1945, by which time the D-model Mustang had been in production for almost a year.

The plane you have in PF is the F4U-1D, a fine aircraft in its own right, but not comparable to the -4, especially in high altitude performance. The F4U-4 and later Corsair derivatives were kept in production for their ground attack capabilities, while the air superiority role passed on to the jets.



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eheheh cool thread !

"That same day, the first FAS mission takes place, using a Mustang and a Corsair to attack the FAH base at Toncontin . A FAH F4U-5N takes off from San Pedro Sula and began to pursue the two Salvadoran aircraft, but when he was behind them, the Honduran pilot found that his cannons were inoperative, and this allowed the attacking aircraft to escape to El Salvador."

that guy was either insane or ballsy !

i know how 2v1 can go in FB . . . . . . daaam

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" During the ground support flights by the FAS, an F-51 is shot down by Mayor Soto, flying F4U-5N FAH 609. Later on, Mayor Soto would, also shoot down the FG-1D flown by Mayor Trabanino. "

Corsairs did the last Piston / Propeller fighting in a country/country war

the Honduran forces being over-run on the ground but staying on top in the air