View Full Version : Flee Market Mission on PC Broken? ~Possible Spoiler.

04-22-2010, 11:40 AM
Playing the flee market mission I've tried 10 different ways of trying to assassinate the 2 conspirators... Inside the area radius, had them run away some distance, even completely unnoticed when I stabbed them... Once I kill them... They die. And I'm stuck in the mission, with no apparent way to finish. Am I missing something here? :S

04-22-2010, 12:04 PM
Which mission was that again? Doesn't ring a bell so far.

04-23-2010, 02:30 PM
I only recall one with 2 conspirators and it wasn't in a flea market. The targets were in a small courtyard next to a large building with guards stationed at the side entrance to the courtyard and archers on the roofs surrounding it. If that's the mission, here's an easy way to do it.

Whilst facing the guards blocking the courtyard entrance, circle around to the right of the big building and climb up it. Continue straight toward the courtyard, there will be a rooftop guard there. Get within target lock as he turns away from you and toss a knife at him. Now backtrack a bit and go to a low spot to the left (right if you're facing the courtyard) between two roofs to drop down to a lower roof. Go toward the courtyard again where there's another rooftop guard. Again, go toward him and target lock after he's come close to you then turned away, then toss a knife.

You are now free to go the edge of the roof surrounding the courtyard without being seen, but circle carefully to the left as you do so. I find it's easiest to jump into the haystack vs trying to air assassinate or toss knives from the roof. If you're lucky one of the conspirators will be walking in a pattern that takes him close to the haystack and you can do a hidden assassinate on him. The other just run out of the haystack while he's turned away.

If neither of them are walking toward the haystack, pick a time when both are turned away or at least the one nearest the ladder to the left. Jump out and sprint toward the one near the ladder, kill him with hidden blade, then run to the other and do the same. The idea being to keep them from going onto the roof, where it can be harder to chase them down. With this method however you need to get to the 2nd target before he makes it to the guards blocking the entrance to the courtyard, or all hell can break loose.

Alternatively you can pick off more rooftop guards and try to get in a position for a double air assassinate when the two conspirators are side by side, but this takes more time and you risk being seen more. Keep in mind the rules of thumb with stealth throwing knife work is to make sure you'e not seen while throwing one (1 knife kill), make sure you're locked onto the target, and kill them in a spot where they don't slide off the roof toward people below if possible. Some use the latter as a distraction but it can cause the bystanders to look around more, which can make it harder to get into position.

04-23-2010, 02:40 PM
I recall that too, in Gimignano. The only thing that stops you killing every guard and incidentally the two merchants is that they run - and are surprisingly good across the rooftops.

04-24-2010, 03:06 PM
Speaking of rooftop chases, I have an interesting challenge for anyone wanting to try. It's an assassination side mission in Forli which I think is called Dead on Arrival. To be more specific it's one where you have to kill a guard that is dressed in silver armor from head to toe and he's standing on a flat roof talking to one other guard when you find him. Despite wearing armor, he's very fast on the roofs.

Here's the challenge, chase him down and kill him with *sword vs hidden blades. Without an assassinate animation jump or stab it's very hard to get him. He can also survive big falls easily, so knocking him to the ground only makes it harder. It's no doubt a lot easier on spec which well surpasses the game's requirements. I get quite a bit of lag in Forli and Tuscany, which makes rooftop chases very hard for me.

I finally chased the bastard down, but I don't recall whether I used the sword or switched to hidden blade. He survived at least 3 falls.

*I was only using an average strength sword such as the Venetian Falchion, which is definitely not a one swipe kill with a guard wearing armor like that.

12-20-2012, 02:06 AM
same story here as OP, and this is the only similar (same) instance i've been able to unearth with google.

PC AC2, Flee Market assassination contract mission.

i've killed the two conspirators over and over and over, several different ways (stealth, chasing, killing surrounding guards, not killing surrounding guards, killing archers first, then conspirators, then running away, or killing all guards again...) ... nothing lets me continue or seems to "click in" that the mission is over. and if it's not over, it's entirely unclear what has to be done in order to continue. exiting to the main menu says that the current goal is to kill the two conspirators.

PC version stuck ... ?!?