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11-25-2010, 08:50 AM
Hi there!
As my nick says, I am a complete novice to the Assassin's Creed Universe. I watched the main games only two times, the first time was actually about a month or two ago.
The second time lasted over the last two days. Now, watching the second time (yes, you read right. "Watch". Sadly I am no good at playing games. I rather watch people play games
and help them from the sidelines ^^) I couldn't help to question some things. I am sure it wasn't any different for you either. When I saw the ending of AC2 a month ago I tore my hair,
cursed and could only agree with Desmond when he said "What. The. ****."
From that moment on I was struck with excitement and aticipation. Then ACB came out and I was happy...at least for a couple of hours. Then I saw the ending...I couldn't believe it. That was it?
Another part of the story was to be expected? Oi wei!

Okay, I thought, why not? I would watch the games again so that I could fill the remaining gaps of knowledge. And while watching, some things just didn't stop occupying my mind.
Some things I just don't get the answer to regardless how often I search the fan-made wikipedias of the world wide web.
Here I want to take the chance and post my questions and thoughts so that some of you who were just as curious as I am and found the answers may help me ^^

My first stimulus is a rather small detail. Have any of you noticed the small gold shimmering bug flying in front of Shaun's face in ACB after our group's arrival at the villa Auditore?
I admit, I don't know what Shaun was talking about that moment. What I recall though is that it was important. Can it be coincidence that right at that moment a bug buzzes in our field of visoin? I think not! Any ideas on that one? Theories are welcomed ^^

My second entry concerns Subject 16, or rather his information. There is one sentence that triggered something in my head when I saw the ending of ACB. In AC2 Subject 16 says
"She sees how I raise the knife" or something along those lines. What I know/assume is that "she" refers to Lucy. Now the triggered thought:
When I saw Demsond raise his hidden blade to stab Lucy, these words popped up in my mind. Could there be a connection between Subject 16's statement and that very moment?
I confess I am not sure about this thought. I know Subject 16 committed suicide, at least in the world of 2012 (I read some pretty convincive theories of 16 being still alive) so his statement could have been in his final thoughts right before his demise. But I would be thankful for your opinion on this point.

Next I would like to talk about the signs being pojected on the wall when Demsond touches The Apple in ACB. I am sure many of you have noticed that 16 used the same signs to "disguise" his hidden memories. I saw the signs and was baffled. 16 must have been pretty deep in the past of his ancestors when these signs' source lays in the time of Those Who Came Before. I assume
that since they engrafted those sings and symbols into The Apple they could actually be the source of them. Now could it be that 16 was that deep in the past that he actually lived as one of
those "Gods"? That maybe he lived as Jupiter or at least one of his earliest offspring, maybe even the very first? As always those are only theories but your help will be

My next note is a small and easy one. At least it seems easy and small to me after all those big thoughts earlier. It concerns my fear of the reoccurence of Cesare Borgia.
Did anyone SEE him laying dead? I did not. And it would not surprise me if he appeared again, like those characters in drama soaps. They fall of a tower or a wall, you see them fall but
not hitting the floor and tadaaaa a couple of episodes later they are there again ^^

I always wondered about one thing in particular. When will Ezio have children? At the end of ACB he is near 50 if im correct. I know he used to sleep with the beautiful
Cristina Vespucci. But that was decades ago. And I only remember him laying with Caterina Sforza once. Could it be possible that not Ezio will have children but his sister Claudia?
Ezio would then still be Desmond's ancestor, after all he would be Demsond's something-something-great-uncle. But even I don't think that can be right. Then Demsond wouldn't have the DNA that
lived through everything Ezio did.

There are many more questions in my head, but the more I watch the game the more questions pop up, so I would be grateful if some of you would help me with these few points ^^
As mentioned before, these are just my assumptions, only options I hope will help me find some answers.

Thanks for the help!
A new female Novice

Vittoria agli Assassini!

11-25-2010, 10:17 AM
hi, you got me thinking about the child. The idea going round my mind, has 2 routes...

1 - Is there any chance that he had a secret child with chritina. There is a space of 8 years that they don't see each other. They only talk again when while she's dying

2 - The other idea I have, it that the bed scene with caterina, is very important, thats were the decendante is conceved. She goes off to her castle... leaving a door open, thus giving an advantage, for carrying on the story.

I'm still thing that Ezio's sister has to play a big in the story so were... otherwise they would have not, shown her iniciation.

11-25-2010, 07:33 PM
@angelkaido13 I think they showed her initiation into the assassins order to show that her relationship with Ezio had been rebuilt...like he was letting her back into his world after he shut her out when she agreed to take over the Rosa in Fiore.

As for when Ezio has children, it couldn't have been at the start of the game when he sleeps with Caterina Sforza because, as we saw in ACII with the Altair dream/bleeding effect sequence, memories that are formed after passing one's DNA on are not accessible via the animus (In the ACII sequence when Altair chased that woman around the roofs and impregnated her on the battlements all subsequent memories were inaccessible).

He'd have had to have conceived a child fairly soon after the events of ACB...I'm assuming the life expectancy of people in Renaissance Italy wasn't as high as it is today, and seriously...if he waited any longer I assume he'd encounter complications of the elderly sort...

11-27-2010, 07:15 PM
You need to bear something in mind. The child of Ezio that is Desmond's ancestor must be born after the end of the parts of his life that we see. That is the significance of the Dream sequence in AC2 where Altier dove off the tower and the focus stayed at the top with the girl -- conception would mean that the parents' DNA contribution to the child was fixed (the focus shifts to the fetus at that point).

That means that Christina cannot be that mother (being dead would cause problems). Caterina is possible, but does not seem likely. It seems likely that we will never know she is at this point.