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11-23-2010, 08:48 PM
After having a crisis of faith a few years back, i wanted to find my own answers. I read parts from most of the main religions and myths, and several things CONSTANTLY crop up.

Either ancient man was on some acid trip or there could very well be validity of their claims, described in the best way known at the time.

So much to say i may start to sound like 16. Id suggest Google would suffice if you want to research any of this yourself. Ill start off with the earliest i know of.
Africa, Kilimanjaro area, The cradle of life. Humanities beginnings. Curios that there are ancient gold mines in the area of the birthplace of the slave race.
Supposed area of human birth, supposed area of control for the Annunaki.
Annunki have many names. Angel is one of the more popular names. Some myths say we were a race created as slaves, others say we were created to be the universal body for souls to easily incarnate into, Again some other say we where a race that was robbed of our 12 stranded helix and replace with 2 by the annunaki, to keep us in the dark, more easily controllable. All myths say we were created. Except Darwin. I think there some truth the Darwin some truth to creationism.

Secondly there are hundreds of texts point to beings that where on the earth before us. The ancient Alien Theory. Erik Von Daniken, and Zacharia Stitchin, the book of Thoth( Hitler was part of the Thule society. Thoth was their creed. Thoth has another name. Lucifer), the Alien bible. The book of Enoch was a total mind ****!
In every corner of the globe there is reference to beings more advanced than us. Many described as gods from a mind that couldn't comprehend advanced technology.
You can look in peru, You can look at the pyramids. You can definitely look in Sumerian tablets with detailed accounts of the Annunaki.

Thirdly. There seems to have been a war. A big war. Clash between angels and demons, or the Annunaki and the seed races.
Secondary war to eradicate the hybrids. They are refered to as he Nephilum in the bible and the book of Enoch.

Lastly. There was some kind of huge disaster. So many tales of a flood. Most likely scenario being a flood. Over 200 discovered sunken cities in the Mediterranean alone. Atlantis being the most popular. Gods where angry with Poseidon for mating with the humans, sunk his city.(Another reference to the nephilum race.)

So many common thread in religion, myths and history. I wish i had a friekin animus, id get lost in time like 16. so fascinating