View Full Version : Looking for the fuselage number of "The Star of Altoona" 325th FG/317th FS P-47

01-23-2008, 11:51 PM
It's the one that 'Herky' Green got six victories in, in one day.
The plane belonged to Captain Bunn Hearn, but because Herky's N0.11 was out of action he borrowed Hearn's P-47.

I can find reference to the plane, and have the artwork but I don't have the fuselage number, but really need this info. if anyone has it?

By fuselage number, I mean like "Big Stud" of the 325th had the fuselage number 88 painted on the side pictured here:


Can anyone help me with the fuselage number that was painted on the side of "The Star of Altoona" please?

I have managed to source the original artwork, just the number on the side is missing.
Thanks, MP.