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12-13-2004, 07:37 AM
I need the readme file for FB version1.0, the original readme from the disk. I need some info from it and it doesn't seem to be on my PC anywhere.

12-13-2004, 07:37 AM
I need the readme file for FB version1.0, the original readme from the disk. I need some info from it and it doesn't seem to be on my PC anywhere.

12-13-2004, 07:42 AM
well install FB1.0 and open it.. and read.. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

12-13-2004, 07:57 AM
Full version 1.22
(includes 1.11 and 1.21 changes and fixes)


The current version (1.22) is not compatible with the previous versions of the game when playing via network. Both the server and client must have appropriate versions of the game (1.22) in order to connect.

Notes on the Patch Installation

This patch (1.22) may be installed over the release version 1.0 or any of previous versions 1.11 and 1.21.


Changes and fixes

- Fixed an error with B-17G that made it impossible to finish a mission sometimes.
- Fixed an issue when a plane set ablaze was not counted as a €˜kill€.
- Using autopilot will not reset trim settings.
- Tuned non-adjustable trim tabs positions for aircraft so equipped (e.g. I-16 / I-153).
- Replaced Ju-88 engines with the corresponding model with correct altitude performance chart.
- Improved sea planes handling while landing and on water.
- Improved BI-1 landing behavior.
- Replaced P-40M supercharger with the corresponding one stage model.
- Tuned more precise P-40E at altitude 4.500 meters.


- Reworked AI routines for landing approach from high altitudes (when no descent points were supplied in mission builder).


- Reworked sound dampening while in the cockpit.
- Fixed issues with ground AAA sound.


- Fixed an error in sending private chat messages.

Version 1.21


The current version (1.21) is not compatible with the previous versions of the game when playing via network. Both the server and client must have appropriate versions of the game (1.21) in order to connect.

Notes on the Patch Installation

This patch (1.21) may be installed only over the previous version 1.11.

New Positions

New Aircraft


- P-51D-5
- Ki-84-1a
- A6M5a


- C-47
- B-17G

- The first production series P-51D-5 were delivered without the dorsal fin fillet. However most aircraft had the fillet retro-fitted with a field modification kit. We have modeled the aircraft with the fillet. This will ensure skin compatibility with other D model variants. Also, in FB source code current limitation prevents us from replicating the real world P-51 fuel
- National markings on the fuselage of the Boeing B-17 needed to be moved forward due to position of the gun windows and due to the present aircraft coding system.
- A6M5 €" the game models the version for the land-based runways.

New ground models

Willis MB Jeep - US
Willis MBt Jeep - US
Willis MBtc Jeep - US
M16 self-propelled AAA
Chevrolet truck
Chevrolet ambulance
Chevrolet radio truck
Diamond T 5-ton truck
Pup tent
Pyramidal tent
Command tent
Pole with wires
Pole no wires
Bunker - small caliber guns
Bunker -large caliber guns
Bunker Elevated -large caliber guns
Omaha Beach Bunker
Observation Bunker
Sandbags - Round
Sandbags - Wall
Caen Castle
Chateau - Small

New ships

Destroyer type 7/1944

These ships are made for the use on European maps for creation of new missions. Ex.: Destroyer type 7/1944 is intended to be used for the allied forces and M-Boat €" for Germany.

New Maps

Normandy1 - Large historical map based on the Normandy coast and Northern France. Pre-Invasion state.
Normandy2 - Large map based on Normandy and Northern France, with a non-historical Allied base off the French coast.
Normandy3 - Large historical map based on the Normandy coast and Northern France. Post-Invasion state with 18 temporary Allied strips.
Ardennes Summer - Non-historical medium sized summer map for online and offline play, loosely based on the Ardennes region.
Ardennes Winter - Non-historical medium sized winter map for online and offline play, loosely based on the Ardennes region.
Online8Islands - non-historical map featuring a €œPacific Theater€ locale for online gameplay. Can also be used for user-made single missions and short campaigns.


Changes and fixes in graphics: Perfect mode

- More realistic render of the water.
- Tuned the shades of the sea water.
- Eliminated chroma error of the water on ATI video cards (with disabled subtitles).
- Removed sun reflection artifacts on NVidia video cards with S3TC enabled.
- Improved visual appearance of the trees.
- Added an option to place better looking 3D trees in the towns and villages.

For the new trees to render it is required that: you video card has no less than 128 Mb of RAM, and BIOS AGP memory (Aperture Size) set to no less than 128 Mb. Recommeded video cards for the option are GeForce 4, GeForce 5600 and newer, ATI Radeon 9700 and newer.
To see the new trees in towns:
Make sure you€re running the game in €˜Perfect€ mode. In the €˜conf.ini€ file, in the section €˜[Render_OpenGL]€ change the following line:
Forest = 2
Forest = 3
To disable the trees and return back to normal appearance, change the parameter back to 2.
The option is released in test mode. We€re expecting video drivers update from the video card vendors to obtain full functionality of the mode. If you have less than 128 Mb of RAM on your video card, expect blinking triangle artifacts to appear on NVidia cards; on ATI cards you may see trees rapidly change their color shade and/or shape as you approach them.

Hints and Tips: How to Improve the Framerate in the €˜
- Do not set the screen resolution to larger than 1024x768.
- Disable full-screen antialiasing.
- If you suspecting trees or forests to cause the framerate drop, try lowering the Forest parameter in the €˜conr.ini€ to 1, or even to 0 (that would make forest to appear in less detail, but faster render).
- Lower the objects visibility distance.

Il-2:FB list of recommended drivers

1C:Maddox Games recommends the following video card drivers to be used with IL-2:Forgotten Battles with the best graphics options. The sim may not function properly with other driver versions due to issues outside our control.

Display Driver Version: 45.33
Release Date: October 9, 2003
WHQL Certified

Driver Build


- Corrected incorrect repeated playback error.


Corrected 3D sound engine by request of users, to prevent online sound cheating.

Users with a Sound Blaster Extigy card may need to deactivate the [Enables Extensions] from the Sound Setup of IL2:FB. When activated, some jerky sound may be heard when firing and changing views.

Users with the motherboard Asus A7N8X using the onboard audio card NVIDIA MCP2 (Chipset nForce2 SPP) may also experience these kind of sound problems, in that case turn OFF [Enables Extentions] in Sound Setup.

FM and other tunes of aircraft

Further tuning is performed on a line of aircraft:
- All Bf-109s.
- Me-262. Be aware that aircraft should accelerate slowly to maximal speed.
- La-5/7 series climb rate.
- Increased critical dive speeds for some aircraft.
- Increased roll rate of P-40 series.
- Corrected radiator-induced drag program module.
- Decreased damage durability of I-16, FW-190A-F series and some others.
- Modified the appearance of the metal-finished aircraft to appear more shining.
- Increased torque effect on a number of aircraft. Still not enough, but currently we have a limit for the greater and precise torque effect tunings.
- Fixed bug with automatic fuel mixture of P-47 series


All types of aircraft keep better formation in wayponts with decreasing of altitude.


- Added underwing payload variants for the P-51.
- Added ability to set up fuse timer for the Wfr.Gr. 21. To make the rocket operate as it was intended in real life, set the delay to 5.0 seconds.


Added new types of messages in eventlog.

1. When users switch On or Off wingtip smokes:
...:... <aircraft> turned wingtip smokes on at ... ...
...:... <aircraft> turned wingtip smokes off at ... ...

2. When users turn on landing lights:
...:... <aircraft> turned landing lights on at ... ...
...:... <aircraft> turned landing lights off at ... ...

3. When user changes the weapon or amount of fuel before take off:
...:... <aircraft> loaded weapons '<weapons name>' fuel <N>%

4. When pilot successfully landed after bail out:
...:... <aircraft>(N) successefully bailed out at ... ...

5. Modified message 'was killed'.
Instead of:
...:... <aircraft>(N) was killed at ... ...
the new message is:
...:... <aircraft>(N) was killed by <initiator> at ... ...
However, if the situation was generated by the aircraft itself (e.g., the pilot was burned) or bailed out pilot was killed with the hit from the ground, then the message will be in old format:
...:... <aircraft>(N) was killed at ... ...

6. When the aircraft was damaged but not exploded after landing:
...:... <aircraft> damaged at ... ...
This message is issued only once when the aircraft is on the ground (or not yet in air, or just landed).

7. At the moment of player disconnection:
...:... <user> disconnected
The time of disconnection in the messages of client and server may be different due to naturally allowed timeouts for the connection loss situations.

Changes in Dgen and code of campaign, single and coop mode

When bailing out or crash landing over enemy territory, the player can now sometimes escape capture. It depends on the location of the front line and the closest enemy troops formation.

Other fixes and features

- Large custom skins (1024x1024) can now be used with the P.11c.
- Fixed a line of issues with incorrect radiator flap animations.
- Damaged MC 202 will no longer turn transparent.
- Added a line of USA and Great Britain regiments to use with the B-17.
- Added Japan to the list of available countries to use with added Japanese planes. 2-letter code for the custom regiment files is €œja€.

Third Party modelers

Ilya Shevchenko - all new ground models and new Ardennes and Normandy maps (Maps created with officially licensed to him tools).
Kelly Haugan €" basic 3D model of B-17.

We thank for the great help

Jiri Fojtasek,
Ilya €œLuthier€ Shevchenko,
Kelly Haugan,
Park "P-kun" Joowon,
Shigekazu Hirao,
Mitsuhide Mori,
Ian Boys,
Thomas Spann,
Urs €œKimura€ Klimmeck,
Howard Leveque,
Rafai Skibicki,

And many others.

We also thank for the help in beta testing all FB community and also personally

Sean Trestrail (real pilot who flew a restored P-51 as well. He sent us a lot of materials that helped us make P-51 series alive in our sim),
Ian Boys (for the great help in accumulating of the test data from the forums and personal test),
Dietger Pohl,
Steffen Trombke,
Wastel (This name is better known for the community),
Jan Niukkanen,
Jyrki Majamaeki,
Yury Puzynia

Version 1.11


Changes and fixes in Perfect mode

Fixes after version 1.1b:
- Removed dark areas of terrain apperaing in the distance on some maps.
- Fixed mirror reflections looking overbright.
- Removed clouds flickering when flying with mirrors active.


- Corrected incorrect repeated playback error.


- Fixed incorrect playback on card supporting E¥ 2 (but w/o "¥ 1).
- Removed stutter and unexpected fadings.
- Corrected network telephone and network telephone track playback.
- Corrected playback order of music files.


- Further tuning is performed on a line of aircraft:
DB-3 and variants (Il-4),
P-39 and variants,
Bf-109 family,
B-239 and

- Revised velocity you can safely deploy flaps at.
- Modifyed damage penalties for when a propellor hits the ground €" this will effectively damage the engine now.
- Radiator-induced drag is now caclulated properly in €˜auto/closed€ radiator mode.


Fixed a weird bug that caused Me-262 AI pilots to forget starting the right engine sometimes.


Revised the Ju-87 €˜Stuka€ bomb handling:
- When pressing the bomb trigger (€˜Weapon 3€ button), the bombs are released in a conventional way, in pairs like on the other planes.
- Opposed to, when the dive autopilot reaches the recovery altitude, it dumps the payload as awhole.
- You now can adjust the dive autopilot recovery altitude with €˜Increase Bombsight Altitude€ and €˜Decrease Bombsight Altitude€ buttons, alike the level bombers bombsight.


Added two new event types for €˜eventlog€. One is generated when somebody kills a player descending on a parachute, the other one represents an event when his chute is damaged and he begins to free-fall to the ground.
08:01:46 7GvShAP300(1) was killed in his chute by 7GvShAP301 at 300248.72 97822.61
08:01:50 r01100(2) has chute destroyed by 1_Static at 252955.97 141074.05

Changes in Dgen for version 1.1

1. Su-2 spelling is corrected in all locales.
2. AAA removed from one Crimea airfield.
3. Cosmetic changes in templates (some planes moved out of tents, etc).

Other fixes

- Fixed a bug that allowed WEP with less than 100% throttle control during engine startup.
- Sun is not shining through instrument panel in B-239 any more.
- P-47 series have aileron trim, as they should.
- Fixed a glitch in artificial horizon in P-47.
- Ju-87 won€t be dropping bombs continuously when €˜Limited Ammo€ is switched off.
- Automatic mixture control in Ju-87now works properly.
- Added ability to control mixture for He-111 series.
- Fixed Yak-3 magnetic compass reading.
- Removed random spark plugs failures on cold engines.
- corrected rudder of Bf-109K-4

12-13-2004, 07:57 AM
1) I'm at work
2) I did install FB, and when I installed Aces for some reason the readme vanished.

3) Thanks, but I have that readme, I need the version 1.0 readme.

12-13-2004, 01:18 PM
Put the FB 1.0 cd int he drive. Open Windows Explorer, and look for the readme file.

12-13-2004, 03:19 PM
IL-2: Forgotten Battles. V.1.0

"Flying the P-47 in Forgotten Battles is like stepping in a time machine. It's been 60+ years since I flew one of those fire breathing hot rods but Forgotten battles made it seem like yesterday. Forgotten Battles is a fine recreation of the W.W.II pilots experience."

LT. Chuck Walters, P-47 pilot E.T.O 1943/44

1. Minimum Requirements and Recommended Requirements

Windows(r)98/ME/XP/2000 Only
Pentium III 800 or better
256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM or more recommended)
3D video card (DirectX 8.1 compatible) w/16MB RAM (32MB recommended)
Sound Card (Direct 8.1 compatible)
DirectX 8.1 or higher (included on disc)
4X CD-ROM or better (Not recommended for use with CD-RWs)
Internet connection (56 kbps or better) or LAN for multiplayer
Hard Drive Space 1.1+ GB

- The perfect graphics setting is prohibited in DirectX mode. It is possible to set only in OpenGL mode.
- While using the online track recording facility you may experience some sound issues, for example certain sounds like jet engines at high RPM or the dive sounds of the Ju-87 may disappear for a while. This is not a bug, but we will try to get it working better in a future upgrade to IL-2:FB.
- Please make sure that your sound card is properly configured if you experience any problems with hardware acceleration, as in-game sound depends on EAX settings.
For example, if you have a Creative Labs sound card (Live or Audigy) €" check the EAX Control Panel settings as shown on the images located in the Sound folder on CD 2.

2. Aircraft that require manual control for superchargers and fuel mixture. Difficulty settings €œcomplex engine management€ must be On.

Several aircraft in FB require performing additional functions when playing with Complex Engine Management option on. Many of the engines did not have automatic superchargers, thus they need to be adjusted manually. The supercharger stage is adjusted using Supercharger Next Stage and Supercharger Prev. Stage control keys.

I-153 M-62 and I-153P

When climbing, it is required to set the supercharger to stage 2 (Supercharger Next Stage) when passing 2200 meters. When going below 2200 m, one should return the supercharger back to stage 1 (Supercharger Prev. Stage).

In addition, fuel mix requires adjustment at altitudes above 4.0 km. At those altitudes, the engine carburetor is incapable of producing optimal mixture with low-density high altitude air. When the engines begins trailing smoke and suffer power loss or RPM instability, adjust the mix level (using Increase Mixture and Decrease Mixture control keys) until the engine returns to the regular output.

I-16 type 18 / 24

Sharing the same engine with the I-153 series, this plane requires the same operations.

La-5 (F, FN) and La-7

The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 3500 meters, and to stage 2 above 3500 meters. Mixture adjustment is requires at altitudes above 5000 meters.

LaGG-3 (early series)

The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2200 meters, and to stage 2 above 2200 meters. Mixture adjustment is requires at altitudes above 4000 meters.

LaGG-3(66 series) and LaGG-3IT

The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2200 meters, and to stage 2 above 2200 meters. Mixture adjustment is requires at altitudes above 3000 meters.

Yak-9 and Variants (D, K, T)

The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2000 meters, and to stage 2 above 2000 meters. Mixture adjustment is requires at altitudes above 3000 meters.

Yak (Other Models)

The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2000 meters, and to stage 2 above 2000 meters. Mixture adjustment is requires at altitudes above 4000 meters.


The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2800 meters, and to stage 2 above 2800 meters.


The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2200 meters, and to stage 2 above 2200 meters.

P-40E M-105 (Field mod.)

A Russian modification with the engine found on the LaGG-3 requires the same engine handling. The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2200 meters, and to stage 2 above 2200 meters.

Bf-109G-6/AS, Bf-109G-10/G-14 and Bf-109K-4

These aircraft are equipped with MW50 injection system. The system operates automatically, giving the engine additional power as you move the throttle control beyond the 100% mark. The system can be switched on and off (using the WEP control key), however, it may only be done when the engine is idle or running on lower throttle to prevent damage. Also, it should be switched off when it runs out of water-methanol mix as it can€t operate properly without external pressure and may lead to engine damage.


Mixture corrections may be required above 9000 meters.

FW-190D-9 (1945)

The plane is equipped with MW50 system, similar to the one installed on the Bf-109, and has the same restrictions.


The boost is effectiveness only bellow 1,000 meters. It was even prohibited to use over 1000 meters altitude.


The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2800 meters, and to stage 2 above 2800 meters.


The supercharger requires to be set to stage 1 when flying below 2800 meters, and to stage 2 above 2800 meters.

3. Notice about custom skins.

Forgotten Battles will remember the last skin you've used for your pilot, and for each player's plane. You only have to select it once. If you've selected "MySkin.bmp" as your pilot's skin in a multiplayer game, that skin will automatically be applied to all player's planes in the future until you select a different one in the Plane Customization screen.

The same applies to the plane camo schemes. The custom skin you choose will be remembered for every plane that you pick to fly. It will then be automatically picked again the next time you fly that particular plane, until you override that scheme in the Plane Customization screen.

This also applies to all missions you create in the Full Mission Builder. There is sound logic behind this functionality, but you may find it slightly confusing at first. If you've previously selected "MyNewCoolScheme.bmp" for your FW-190D9, and "MyFace.bmp" for your pilot, when you create a FW-190D9 mission in FMB the game will automatically pick that camo scheme and player scheme when you play the mission. However, the Plane screen for your Dora will still show Default for both the scheme and the pilot (unless you change it of course). That is done to ensure that you can easily send this mission to other players. If you do want to play with the default camo and player's skin you will have to toggle them back to default in the Aircraft Customization screen and not in the Full Mission Builder.

The sim will also remember the last weapon select you've made either in QMB or Online Dogfight, and will automatically select it for the appropriate plane until you override it. In cases of FMB or online co-op the weapon selection is defined by the mission creator.

4. Pilot Speech in FB

In addition to the German and Russian radio chatter from Il-2 Sturmovik, the Forgotten Battles also ships with native language English, Finnish and Hungarian chatter. By default, US and UK pilots will use the English speech, Finnish pilots will use Finnish and Hungarians of course Hungarian. All other countries will use the default speech for their side, i.e. all other countries assigned to the Red side (Polish, French, etc) will use Russian, and all other countries assigned to the Blue side (Italian, Rumanian) will use German speech.

If you wish to replace one speech pack with the other, e.g. you want all countries to speak Hungarian, or all Russians to speak English you can simply override the speech packs with the ones copied from the second CD. For example, if you want your Finns to speak German, just copy the contents of the Chatter folder from CD 2 into your \FB\samples\Speech\FI folder.

Alternatively you can record and use your own speech in IL-2 for any country. Please refer to the item 10 of this readme file.

5. Additional Field of view (FOV) functions

FOV 85 - User defined
FOV 80 - User defined
FOV 75 - User defined
FOV 65 - User defined
FOV 60 - User defined
FOV 55 - User defined
FOV 50 - User defined
FOV 45 - User defined
FOV 40 - User defined
FOV 35 - User defined
Increase FOV - PageUp
Decrease FOV - Home
Toggle FOV - Insert

6. Il-2 FB ships with integrated TracKIR support.

IL-2 FB uses TrackIR's new "enhanced support for custom integration into games" feature that is only available in the latest software release. In order to use it, you must download the latest TrackIR drivers from www.naturalpoint.com (http://www.naturalpoint.com) <http://www.naturalpoint.com> (1.30 or above). After downloading and installing the software, open the conf.ini file in your FB folder with a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and find the [rts] section. Under the [rts] section locate the following line:


and change it to


7. Tuning the campaign for low- or high-end PC.

You can adjust some parameters in a dynamic campaign to increase performance or to modify a level of challenge by adding the following lines to the end of file conf.ini (capitalization is important!):

1. To adjust a number of planes and groups of planes, you can set:


In addition to reduction of size of plane formations, on low air intensity there will be no random flight groups - those that are not directly connected to your mission

2. To adjust a number of ground objects, you can set:


On low intensity you will see ground objects only in target area and around active airfields

By default there are also ground objects around your route, but the number of moving objects is limited.

On high ground intensity, all targets of opportunity in a corridor from your airfield to the destination are included.

3. To set your preferred distance to target, set


Where nn is the distance in kilometers that you prefer to fly to your target. It is not guaranteed that there will be suitable targets in this distance, so you may receive missions with different length of your route.

4. You may increase or decrease a level of friendly and enemy AI by setting


Easy settings will add one level to all friendly groups and decrease enemy experience. Hard settings do the opposite.

8. Replacing faces in Campaign mode

If you wish to see your own face in the pilot roster under your record, simply replace the stock "Photo.bmp" located in the DGen subfolder of your Forgotten Battles installation. The image should be 192x256 pixels in size, and have Windows palette 256 colors. It does not have to be black and white.
If you wish to change faces of your squadmates, replace the numbered bitmaps under the corresponding country folder. These bitmaps should also be 192x256 pixels, Windows palette 256 colors. While that's not required, when replacing other pilot skins you should also update the corresponding pilot skin in the \PaintSchemes\Pilots subfolder. If you don't do that, the correct face will show up in pilot roster, however in the game engine the pilot will still keep the old face.

9. Level and direction stabilization for bombers.

We have added the control button "Level Stabilizer" and corresponding message "Level Stabilizer On" and "Level Stabilizer Off". This function allows beginners to keep the level course of bomber auto on direct line before/when the player will work with bombsight.

10. Notes on Using, Modifying and Replacing the Voice Files and Radio Chatter Text Messages

After the installation of version 1.0 (IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles), the sound files of radio chatter can be found in the €œSamples€ sub-folder in the game root folder (the folder IL-2 was installed to). The voice files for specific sides are located in the following sub-folders:

Samples -> Speech -> DE - Blue Side (German)
Samples -> Speech -> RU - Red Side (Russian)

The files of the corresponding HUD messages texts (subtitles lines) can be located in the €œi18n€ sub-folder. Those are:

I18n -> hud_msg.properties - Contains subtitles lines for English version
I18n -> hud_msg_fr.properties - Contains subtitles for French version
I18n -> hud_msg_de.properties - Contains subtitles for German version

All these text files are in UNICODE format. While the English version can easily be edited with Notepad, it may require a UNICODE-supporting text editor to write lines in other languages, specially when you€re intending to use umlauts, hieroglyphs, Cyrillic alphabet and so on. The edited file should be saved in TXT format. Please always remember that the left column of this text is the names of files and the right column is the messages that will be displayed on the screen simultaneously with the sounding the voice files, so do not change the left column.

Main Rules of Edition of Files and Texts:

1. Do not rename the files. The names must be kept original despite the changes of contents.
2. Do not change the left column of the text files - it contains the file names for the program€s internal usage.
3. Do not change the meaning of the phrases in the subtitles. Otherwise, you€ll get a wrong working chatter generator, with rubbish or meaningless dialogs.
4. The sound files must be in the 11025 Hz, Mono, 16-bit format. To be used in IL-2 1.2ov they must be converted into Windows RIFF wave files (*.wav). The file data format must be MPEG-1 Layer 3 @ 20 kbps 11025 Hz Mono. This can be achieved using the appropriate sound editor, such as Sonic Foundry, SoundForge, Sonic Foundry Batch Converter, CoolEdit, e.t.c. It is up to you to decide which one to use, just be sure that the output format files meet the IL-2 requirements.

Radio Chatter Generator Rules

We provide a number of documents for every voice actor in the game in order to help you understand the system of phrase generation. However, we can€t list all the possible combinations of sound phrases due to enormous amount of them, so we put the explanation of basic rules and common samples of speech into each document. It is quite self-explanatory and very easy to understand.
The doc files may be found in the root directory of IL-2 (the folder the game was installed into) after the installation of this add-on. The file name is €œRadioChatter.zip€.

Please be aware that you change the contents of the files at your own risk. Please keep back-ups of both €œSamples€ and €œi18n€ somewhere on you hard disk in case some of your changes may go wrong.

11. Maps

We have placed high-resolution printable images of all in-game maps on the second CD. If you would like to use them for any purposes, just unzip the "map.zip" file onto your hard drive.

Ubi Soft Technical Support Information

Before contacting Ubi Soft Entertainment's Technical Support Department,
we recommend that you first read the manual, as well as this readme
file for answers to most common problems.
For the most recent answers, browse through our FAQ listings, or search
our support database at http://support.ubi.com. Here you will
find the most recently updated game patches and information since
the game's release. If you still need to contact Ubi Soft Technical
Support, see the following ways of contacting us below:

Please make sure that your computer meets the minimum system
Requirements, as our support representatives will be unable to assist
customers whose computers do not meet these criteria. To find the following
information click the Start Button and then click the Run Option. In the Open or
Run Box type DXDIAG and click the OK button. Whenever you
contact the Technical Support Department, please include the following

Complete Product Title (including version number)
Exact error message reported (if any) and a brief description of
the problem you're encountering
Processor speed and manufacturer
Amount of RAM
Sound Card
Video and/or 3D accelerator card
Operating system

Contact us over the Internet:

Our website contains the most up-to-date Technical Support information
available including patches that can be downloaded free-of-charge. We
update the Support pages on a daily basis so please check here first for
solutions to your problems.


Contact us by E-Mail:

For fastest response via email, please visit our website at:


From this site, you will be able to enter the Ubi Soft Solution Center
where you can browse through our listings of Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ), search our database of known problems and solutions. For
fastest email response, you can also send in a request for personal
assistance from a Technical Support Representative.

Contact us by Phone:

You can also contact us by phone by calling (919) 460-9778. Note that
this number is for technical assistance only. No hints and tips will be
given out over the Technical Support line. When calling our Technical
Support line, please make sure you are in front of your computer and have
all the necessary information as listed above at hand.

Be advised that our Support representatives are available to help you
Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

Contact us by Standard Mail:

If all else fails, you can write us at:
Ubi Soft
3200 Gateway Center Blvd.
Suite 100
Morrisville, NC 27560
Attn: Customer Support

Please do not send any game returns directly to Ubi Soft as
it is our policy that game returns must be dealt with by the retailer or
online site where you purchased the product.