View Full Version : acquired BALLISTICS glass!... HELP!

06-30-2007, 10:14 PM
i have LEGALLY acquired some 3ftx3ft(and several smaller) brand NEW G.E. UL listed 6-8 ply BALLISTICS glass/lexan. the large sheets cost the company OVER 5K EACH, willing to part with for less than that. basically someone GOOFED when ordering the spec size. WHOOP cant use IT NOW or RETURN. I was going to make some artistic tables out of them (ALA "WINGNUTS" cable show....but the MRS. says "NO EFFING WAY"...I CANT ARGUE..she is putting up with my cockpit, and my 30+ aircraft hanging from the ceilings.

if SERIOUSLY interested send me a PM.

yes yes, i know this isnt EBAY, but i figured some of you could use it for your company, OR someone who is doing an intersting project.

(IL-2 STURMO COCKPIT anyone...???)




THE GLASS LAYING FACE DOWN on pallet is the old USED stuff. it has cracks, and it hit with flying objects from work but is "intact" for interesting projects like table tops and such. i am sure some of you gun collectors, and rednecks are chomping at the bit to shoot at this.