View Full Version : Force Feedback overall and spring control

11-26-2005, 12:33 PM
Is it possible to make a centering force regulator (slider in options menu or just add a line in conf.ini, something like FFSpring=0.8) or overall FF regulator (or FFOverall=0.9) for FF sticks? As I allready discussed this thing with some ppl I found that it must be explained, as it seems else it wouldn't be understandible for most of ppl http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

So, there are two types of centering force for FF sticks in the game:
1) "Default" non FFB-active centering force. it is constant (as far as I know) on all the sticks. That mean if you move stick out of the center it will begin to center independently on current aircraft speed in the game or the stick position (how far it is from the center).
2) Spring.ffe type returning force. It starts from zero centering when speed is zero and increasing with the speed. Also it depends on how far from the center stick is positioned.

Problem is: AFAIK this second "dynamical" centering force doesn't change if I edit spring.ffe file. All other effects can be adjusted, but with spring.ffe I can do nothing, but just delete it. Maybe it is a bug with my stick, but anyway. It is hard to control the craft on large speed and even stick produces some... hmm... sounds.

It would be good enough if there can be added just overall FFB flag, which would control how much force is used on FFB in comparsion of the maximum force. Or to add centering force control flag as it seems that editing of spring.ffe doesn't affect anything in the game (I'm unsure, but it is so on my stick and I've heard from ppl that they also couldn't get spring.ffe changing anhow. First one is better IMHO as it would add simple FFB control without messing with ffe files.

And one more thing: can there be also added flag, which controls which type of centering is active - constant spring or dynamic. I post this as theese things are easy to add and would be very good support for all FFB users.

Sorry for such a large post.