View Full Version : Version 1.3 Netmessages fix

12-12-2004, 09:53 AM
Here is 1.3 of our netmessages fix. Fixed some of Oleg's bad english and made some gore and humur changes. Please download at following link.


user_joins {0} joins the battle.
user_leaves {0} leaves the battle.
user_kicked {0} has been punted by the host admin.
user_timeouts {0} has been idle for too long and is kicked.

user_joinarmy {0} joins the {1} army.
user_readytogo {0} is ready to go.

user_cheating1 Warning Ufo spotted! {0} Lags, and engages warp drive!
user_cheating2 Warning Ufo spotted! {0} is losing packets and kicks his modem!
user_cheating3 Warning Ufo spotted! {0} Lags, and engages thrust vectoring!

user_cheatkick1 {0} is autokicked by the host.
user_cheatkick2 {0} is removed from the game.
user_cheatkick3 {0} has been punted by admin.

gore_kill1 {1} has been pWnEd by {0}.
gore_kill2 {0} sends {1} to a fiery grave!
gore_kill3 {1} is shotdown in a blaze of glory by {0}.
gore_kill4 {1} has been obliterated by {0}.
gore_kill5 {0} terminates {1} with extreme prejudice!

gore_killaaa1 {0}''s body is ravaged by shell fragments.
gore_killaaa2 {0} swallows an anti-aircraft shell.
gore_killaaa3 {0} + flak shell = KAABOOM!

gore_gun1 {0} catches an artillery round up the tailpipe.
gore_gun2 {0}''s entrails are scattered across the sky by a Triple-A gun.
gore_gun3 {0} has been Uberfied by an AAA gun.

gore_tank1 {0} takes a tank shell in Da mellon.
gore_tank2 {0} chews on a tank shell.
gore_tank3 {0} plays chicken with a tank... and loses.

gore_ship1 {0}''s head is removed from his shoulders by ship AAA.
gore_ship2 {0} takes a naval artillery round in the brown eye.
gore_ship3 Ship AAA blows {0} to kingdom come.

gore_ai1 {0} has been pwned by an AI plane.
gore_ai2 An AI plane "Olegs" up {0}''s. crate.
gore_ai3 {0} has been disgraced by an AI plane.

gore_sawwing1 {0}''s shot severs {1}''s wing.
gore_sawwing2 {0}''s slices {1}''s wing clean off.
gore_sawwing3 {1} loses a wing to {0}''s well aimed fire.

gore_blowwing1 {0}''s gunfire blows {1}''s wing right off.
gore_blowwing2 {1}''s wing is blown clean off by {0}''s nicely placed shot.
gore_blowwing3 {1} loses a wing to {0}''s spot on gunnery!

gore_blowup1 BOOM!! Great shot {0}! {1}''s entrails fill the sky!
gore_blowup2 YUK!! {1}''s guts are on {0}''s windshield!
gore_blowup3 {1} is incinerated by {0}''s great aim.

gore_lightfuel1 {0} fires up the Barbeque and grills {1} to perfection!
gore_lightfuel2 {0} is baked like a Christmas Ham!
gore_lightfuel3 {0} sets {1}''s crate ablaze.

gore_lighteng1 {0} gives {1}''s "cockpit heater" a whole new meaning!
gore_lighteng2 {1} screams like Michael Jackson with his hair on fire!
gore_lighteng3 {1} is fried extra crispy!

gore_blowtail1 {0} carves up {1}''s bird like a Thanksgiving Turkey!
gore_blowtail2 {0} saw's {1}''s crate in two.
gore_blowtail3 {1} is cut in two by {0}''s accurate fire.

gore_pk1 {0} ventilates {1}.''s coconut.
gore_pk2 {1} chokes on a couple of {0}''s bullets.
gore_pk3 {1}''s body is riddled with gunfire.

gore_pk301 {1}''s chest explodes like an overcooked sausage.
gore_pk302 {0}''s concentrated fire turns {1}''s body into ground beef.
gore_pk303 {1}''s chest is blown open with {0}''s heavy fire.

gore_headshot1 {1}''s head explodes from {0}''s gunfire!
gore_headshot2 {0} pops open {1}''s head like a grape!
gore_headshot3 {0} decapitates {1} !

gore_throat1 {0} puts a round through {1}''s throat!
gore_throat2 {0} shoots {1} through the neck!
gore_throat3 {1} chokes on blood from {0}''s bullet!

gore_gk1 {0} silences {1}''s gunner.
gore_gk2 {1}''s gunner falls to {0}''s fire.
gore_gk3 {0} burdens {1} with dead weight in the gunner's seat.

gore_gheadshot1 {0} kills {1}''s gunner with a headshot!
gore_gheadshot2 {0} kills {1}''s gunner with a headshot!
gore_gheadshot3 {0}''s burst punches through {1}''s gunner''s head.

gore_hitctrls1 {0}''s fire cut {1}''s control cables.
gore_hitctrls2 {0}''s well aimed fire snaps {1}''s controls cables.
gore_hitctrls3 {1} controls are severed by {0}''s fire.

gore_crashes1 {0} is a lawn dart.
gore_crashes2 {0} becomes one with the Earth.
gore_crashes3 {0} crashes and kicks his monitor!

gore_lands1 {0} brings his bird down safely.
gore_lands2 {0} makes it home in one piece.
gore_lands3 {0} has managed not to screw up his landing.

gore_crashland1 {0} upsets his mechanic with his piss poor landing.
gore_crashland2 {0} snaps his spine after a hard landing.
gore_crashland3 {0}''s crate smolders on the runway.

gore_ditch1 {0} ditches his bird and trips on the wing.
gore_ditch2 {0} ditches his plane and lights up a smoke.
gore_ditch3 {0} ditches his busted up plane!

gore_swim1 {0} plunges into shark infested waters.
gore_swim2 {0} thought he was flying a Seaplane.
gore_swim3 {0} goes for a dip.

gore_pkonchute1 {1} is sawed in half by {0} while hanging from his chute!
gore_pkonchute2 {0} turns {1}''s body into a parachuting bloody pulp!
gore_pkonchute3 {0} pops a cap in {1}''s cranium while he was hanging from his chute!

gore_spins1 {0} spun out!
gore_spins2 {0} spins like a merry-go-round.
gore_spins3 {0} spins out of control.

gore_spinfatal1 {0} did not recover from a spin.
gore_spinfatal2 {0} crashed and burned.
gore_spinfatal3 {0} spins into the ground.

gore_rocketed1 {1} tastes {0}''s nutritious rocket!
gore_rocketed2 {0}''s rocket flys right up {1}''s tailpipe!
gore_rocketed3 {1} gets a jolt from {0}''s rocket!

gore_bombed1 {1} body is splattered on the runway by {0}''s bomb!
gore_bombed2 {0} scores a direct bomb hit on {1}''s grounded plane!
gore_bombed3 {1} chokes on {0}''s bomb!

gore_walkaway1 {0} limps away from his heap of twisted metal.
gore_walkaway2 {0} crawls away from his mangled plane.
gore_walkaway3 {0} runs away from his burning crate.

gore_burnedcpt1 {0} is trapped in his cockpit and charred to perfection.
gore_burnedcpt2 {0} is flame broiled, trapped in his cockpit.
gore_burnedcpt3 {0} screams while burning alive.

gore_hitouttac1 {0} blows {1} out of control.
gore_hitouttac2 {0} sends {1} spinning out of control.
gore_hitouttac3 {0} hits {1} hard!

gore_vulcher1 {0} vulches {1} like a putz.
gore_vulcher2 {0} vulches {1} like a n00bie!
gore_vulcher3 {0} you n00b vulcher you!

gore_captured {0} has beed captured and beaten by opposing forces.
gore_bailedout {0} gives up and hits the silk.
gore_killed {0} becomes one more tragic statistic of failure.