View Full Version : Range for flak crews to start firing

11-16-2005, 09:47 AM
I've been doing some experiments with various U-Flak boats. I generally have two batteries on automatic, and I take manual control of the third. During various air-attacks, I've noticed that I start firing long before the other crews do, but that the "flak-clouds" are still apearing out near the incoming aircraft. And yet, via the watch-officer, the flak crews should be starting to open fire at the maximum range.

Is this a modifiable parameter? Is there a configuration file I can use to change this? Would this be something that has been changed because I have RuB-1.45 installed. While I don't mind that the accuracy is decreased, I would like my flak crews to start firing earlier and to continue firing at the receeding aircraft, once it has passed.

(Despite what others claim, I've had very little success with U-Flak operations. Again, this may be a product of using RuB)