View Full Version : Bombsight doesn't work under Glide, works fine with DirectX

11-21-2004, 02:17 AM
At first I thought it was the 30-second stabilization period, but eventually I found it was Glide causing the bombsight cross hairs to disappear (or never appear, I should say).

I proved it to myself by starting in DirectX, activating the Level Stabilizer, and waiting till the crosshairs appeared. Then I hit escape, selected Glide as video mode under Hardware settings, Apply, return to mission, and no crosshairs. ESC again, select DirectX as video mode, apply, back to mission, crosshairs are there.

Plus, with Glide, and Perfect settings, cockpit lighting is nearly invisible. The instruments are just barely brighter than no lighting. With DirectX, all the instruments have a nice green glow, and the interior of the cockpit is well lighted.

I am running ATI 9600, WinXP Pro, the atigloxx.dll (2nd), from CheckSix.

Anybody ever have this problem?