View Full Version : Issues with finding games online....

11-27-2010, 02:14 PM
So far online play has been awesome to tell the truth. Maps are perfectly sized, gameplay is at a great pace and once you are actually in a game there is nothing really wrong...however getting into a game has been the problem for me.

First off it seems like playing with a friend only works half of the time. If you try to "join friends" I have found that to almost never work. They are always "unreachable." (yes even when they are in non-ranked games)

Secondly when I create a group and invite a friend then try to search for a game, about half the time my friend and I end up in completely different games...Infact, I cant seem to find a way to play with a friend that will work close to all of the time.

And finally, sometimes when looking for games, whether it be with a friend or without (mostly with a friend though) the game seems to get stuck on "searching for agents" the lobby will seem to not want to go above 6/6 and I can wait here for 20 minutes or so and still, people join and leave, but it doesn't go above 6/6.

I was just posting this to wonder if anyone else if having any of these issues and if there is anything I am doing wrong or if there is anything I can do to fix these issues.