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05-18-2005, 08:33 AM
Ok, im getting sick of the 'this game sucks, 1.3 sucks, I suck' threads, so ive decided to start something a little different. Please post some moments that suit the title of this thread. Any "Hollywood" style moments are also great!

Heres mine:

I was getting hunted by a V&W destroyer escort while engaging in your nice friendly neighbourhood convoy, untill I got fed up, rose to periscope depth, and tried to get a fix on him.

He was directly behind me.

So, its time to let my aft torpedo tube actually do some work, so I lined him up, set the depth to detonate under his keel, and off she went. Mind you, he was only 400+ meters away, so it wasn't a long wait http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

Unfortunately, he turned.

HOWEVER, my torpedo hit the direct aft section of the ship. All you could see was an almight BOOOM! as bits of debris and water was spraying everywhere. It didn't take long for other compartments on the ship to burst into flame.

Another great hit I say to myself, this sucker is going to the bottom. It was probably 10 seconds before the sounds of 5 explosions echoed through the the darkness at midnight.

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! Right after the other, each compartment on the V&W exploded, as if it was a show being put on by some pryotechnic group. It was simply amazing, one mushroom cloud after the other errupted from the striken ship, starting from the rear, and ending at the front, causing it to list violently from side to side. Debris was flying everywhere, as if everything not screwed down was being flung 20 meters into the air. It was obvious no one is going to survive.

It must of been about 10 seconds later, that the ship listed too far to port, and slipped benieth the waves. The violence of the smoke, fire, and debris was finally replaced by the eeriness of the night sky. Its as if God pointed at the ship, causing it to be erased completely from existence.

It was a great feeling that I was the one responsible though.

It took about 20 seconds before I realised I was about 2000 meters away from the bront of the convoy. Now, boys, this night is just heating up................

05-18-2005, 09:03 AM
This was a dramatic moment for me, which ended up becoming the funniest thing I have seen in this game so far.

I was jousting with two destroyers in my VIIB, U-49, managed to sink one and had the other on my tail. I lined up the aft shot and fired when he was about 500m behind, getting ready for the attack run. I saw the torpedo hit the bow of the destroyer and was expecting the prompt "Target destroyed." message, but it never came. Instead I saw it accelerate and I heard, "Destroyer in attack run." I thought I was done for, so I retracted the attack periscope and ordered a crash dive.

Nothing happened for a few seconds, so I peeked out with the observation scope just in time to see the destroyer follow me down in a perfect dive!

I thought, "Great! All Germany needs now is some fancy destroyer that can dive in pursuit of a submarine!"

Happy hunting!

05-18-2005, 09:23 AM
Hehe nice one indeed.

Here's one for ya, not exactly Hollywood but extremely intense at the time. I was cruising north of Ireland in shallow waters of around fifty meters, crystal clear weather, and wind of zero. Perfect deck gunning and high tonnage patrol weather. I almost screamed like a little girl when I was notified of two convoys heading in to Firth of Clyde one right behind the other.

I pick the front convoy as my target, and plot an intercept course, and this is where things started to go sour. My calculations were incorrect it seems, because three hours later I found myself coming up on the rear of the convoy at a 20 degree angle, and a thick fog had fallen since my last check above the surface.

I decided at this point to move away from the convoy again and surface the boat as we were getting pretty close to their distination. I quickly get out of range again and plot a second course which should land me in a prime firing position when they next pass me. I'd already spotted two central British T3's that were just asking to be sunk, surrounded by neutral american C3's.

An hour and a half later I arrive at my destination and we were so close now that this looked like my last chance to nail the target ships and lay in wait for the second in line. I get into prime firing position and peer through the periscope. The fog seems to have gotten even worse. I can hear the merchants on the hydrophone, and they were close, but no warships , and there was no sign of any at the previous encounter either.

I decide to surface and fully recharge my battery and get my Co2 levels back to normal whilest I wait. The moment we surfact I'm up on the deck taking a look around for myself. Pretty much impossible to see anything in this weather. The water was like a sheet of glass, but the fog was as thick as mud.

Now at this point, I was starting to wonder if.. *BANG* the whole conning tower vibrates as we're hit by a shell out of nowhere. 'We're under attack!' Alaaaaaarm!

We crash dive down to 25 meters leaving an additional 25 meter leeway if needed, and immediately pull a sharp 90 degree turn in the first direction that came to my head. We're being pinged, and if I'm going to take out whatever that was before it gets on top of me, this is my chance.

We rise to periscope depth and up periscope. It was agony to see the convoy pass by closely, seems it wasn't as far away as I'd hoped. I turn my attention to the Hunt I, and a quick ID and solution later, out go two torps, slow speed to allow time for the close range arming, salvo'd at a 7 degree spread angle.

Steam torp one missed, and the type I passed straight under the DD without detonation. Time was running out and I knew I had to take him out if I wanted any chance of catching the convoy. A second quick solution later and my last stern type I is launched with a mag pistol. It was a relief when he finally went down considering the shot from the stern was a rushed 300 meter range shot from a 150 degree angle.

Wiping my brow, even before I can think of what to do next I catch a glimpse of a second destroyer coming at me out of the fog and closing fast, then a third, then a fourth. My attempts at escaping the area quickly were futile and even on silent running I couldn't stop them pinging my socks off.

Then the innevitable comes. Depth charges in the water, and through the eerie silence and creaking of the hull I can hear the drones of the exploding charges getting closer, until we're hit. All hell breaks loose, dive plains damaged, three major leaks in the stern areas, water pouring in from everywhere.

I pull everyone I can from their stations and put them on repair duty, but we already have major leaks, and I can see by the gauges the depth is falling slowly. Meanwhile I can still hear the four DD's pinging away happily.

I switch to external views and see through the extensive flooding I'm at a 45 degree angle, my bow up in the water and my stern dragging along the 50 meter deep ocean floor with the blades churning up the bottom.

The timers are ticking away and the stern is filling fast, with only a minute and a half until breaking point. What do I do? Stop the blades and hope they think that I'm dead? No can do, they'd have picked up the repair noises. There was no time to wait either, with the hull of the VIIC about to snap and so much leaking, my only choice was to continue to fight against the barrage of depth charges, leaks and constant flooding.

Three minutes later, with hull at thirty percent, most of my crew had already perished to the depth charges, and struggling with less than 25 percent of my crew to plug the leaks and at least stand a chance of surviving seemed all but impossible.

This is the point where you'd like me to tell you we made a herioc escape. We didn't. After six or seven minutes of strange angles and half dragging along the bottom, whilest fighting leaks with a skeleton crew, whilest being depth charged by no less than four destroyers, the hull gave in and cracked.

There were no survivors.

Lesson learned: Don't be a idiot and surface the boat in a high activity area in heavy fog unless you're looking to execute sub crews and their captains.

::Edit wow, sorry, that was longer than expected. Cliff notes in the morning http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-tongue.gif