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04-07-2007, 12:11 PM
I have downloaded documentary 4*1 hour film about German U boats. And In Second part there were original film from german U-sub how she destroyed T3 tanker. The captain was lack of torpedos i guess , he shot 1 torpedo and went on surface and fired with the gun. People of Key West was on the beach, some guy filmed too. They were schocked and after 10 mins somebody called the Army. That U boat was heavily damaged and captured 400 miles eastern, captain was captured and told his story.

I was sent on patrol near florida. Very long trip, care about fuel , I remembered it was mine 31 mission. Few coastal merchants and 4 planes, and nothing else, to small for my heavy IXB class. I entered in Mexican gulf.YUMMY

Lot of Tankers T3 and T2. Sometimes with small escort.

Just travel near the florida shore NNW and you wil find them. Haha 100% no ****. No Patches, watch out the fuel, fuel. Gimme fuell gimme fire,gimme what i desire...

I was white man a cross the Sea, I gave them Pain and Misery,.......LOL


Serbia was country in Yugoslavia Kingdom till 1945-1991-2006. Poor Country with 1 sub but in 1929, lol. Now Serbia does not have adriatic Sea, but has mariners LOL...This is Rare photo of that Sub at the bottom of the page..........

Yugoslavia Submarine captured on the botton of page (http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk/other_navies.htm)

04-07-2007, 10:09 PM
Did you d/l the video off of the History Channel or another source? Tried searching for it and was unable to come up with anything.


04-08-2007, 04:10 AM
Well I have downloaded it from +HUBS. Try to get some peer to peer program as DC++, and you can register on any free hub if you have more then 1GB stuff for share. But I downloaded from History and documentary HUB and i am afraid that you must have larger Share list. Many Hubs enquare moreGB ( I have 27GB for share).
Also You should try other programs like "Lime Wire". But peer to peer programs Like DC++(PowerDC) are the best. Becayse it takes 4-5 MB memory space and some share (movies and music usuall). Some HUBS has more then 20TB documentaries for WAR:

Documentaries (Documentaries.no-ip.org:789)(name of HUB
Documentaries.no-ip.org:789 (hubb adress)


( this is site where u can download free DC++ peer to peer programme wit all instruction

then type in hub list that hubb adress, and u will be connected on that HUB. And than type in search page"U boats Wolf pack" and u will find movies. Download .avi format or .ogg format from users because some original scenes from the movie are ligtly damage and u will get clear picture as it possible for screenshots,capturing etc ( I guess u will like it, lol).

If you prefer torrents try to find on http://www.torrentreactor.net/ but if u find i it is awfull slow to download and i recomend 1st solution.