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11-21-2007, 11:49 PM
I have won the game assassins creed and I will give my two bits on what it missed.

The crowd was great and it looked alive but as time went on it was good to look at but theres not much interaction. There's no money, no buying and not much interaction. It would be nice to be able to talk to people.

The optional quest were kind of lame. Some of them were somewhat challenging but it became the same thing over and over again, which go really old. I would like to see different kinds of quest.

The environment was spectacular especially in the cities and where you could see far away. However the kingdom was just a big boring heap of nothing. I would like to see more forestry and different items. Also maybe next time more buildings I could enter would be fun.

Not only to mention in the kingdom EVERYONE tried TO KILL YOU. I can't rest at all for a bit. the fun par of the game I thought was the horses. They were done really well. I wish there was more horses like that in games.

Some glitches in the game but it is easily forgivable. however for the next title I hope to see this improved at the least.

The thing that made me piss my pants was the swimming. I found at the docks if I would miss my target by a hair I would drown. This made me so mad!

I think where assassins creed shows off the most is looks and roaming. The Assassination thing was a little over hyped in my opinion. I felt too much like a good guy, i had too much of a good personality. They spent too much time engrossing me on this weird conspiracy theroy and made things much too big.


such as the whole artifact thing. I found that dumb. I was expecting this game to be failry realistic not to be some made up thing of fiction. I thought the conspiracy thing lead up to a battle. Not about the artifact.

All in all its a peace of art thats a little rough around the edges. What I like about is it has unique ideas and in ways have revolutionized gaming. I would put it up there with cod2. However I think halo 3, rainbow 6 and ghost recon beat it.

11-21-2007, 11:54 PM
there was a guy talking on stage about something
i shanked him infront of everyone
they just walked off LOL

11-22-2007, 12:26 AM
Originally posted by colt122:
there was a guy talking on stage about something
i shanked him infront of everyone
they just walked off LOL

76% of all statistics are made up

anyways nice post i agree

more varied sidequests would have been fun, personally liekd the assassinations tho. agree he should at least be able to paddle back to land in water.

most of all i miss the crowd interactions we were promiced

but all in all a cool game