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03-14-2011, 07:26 PM
Hi there. My first Post on the Heroes 6 forums so far...

I was reading many of the news and posts arround, and I read someone mentioning that a little "problem" about the Heroes gameplay (he was refering to H3, my favourite, but probably can apply to all of them?) is that after winning one of those really big (and fun to play!) battles, the diference on both XP and Units (and Items if you managed to kill the enemy hero) grew too big; and the winner most of the time became invencible afterwards...
He was suggesting to give XP to the losing hero aswel (wich I think sounds great and I'm not sure if it has been used somewhere).

Then, I got this idea... Take in mind please that even if I played H3 really a lot (H4 not that much, I didn't bother to try H5 after H4) I'm not a hardcore Heroes gamer nor played "High Level Battles" online...
But what if the hero was allowed to carry X troops, depending on his Level? (Maybe increased by some skill like Leadership or the likes) From my own point of view, it allways seemed like the best tactic (by far) was to have all your troops gathered arround your main hero, and obliterate every enemy with it; to the point were having two fightning heroes was completly unnecesary and counter-productive (unless you had towns from different factions or your main hero was so far from his town that a second army was formed there, not like you wouldn't teleport the units to him if it was posible).

This way, it "forces" me to get more heroes if I want to move big armies early; forces me to have some troops in the town sometimes (because I can't carry more) and... if I got defeated somewhere, I lost 25-50% of my troops instead of 80-100% of them, making it posible for me to win the next fight?
Also, the Hero "Troops Capacity" could be something like 100xLv, were Core Units take 1 space, elite units 2, and champions 3. (Fast example)
Many other mechanics could be added (like Pit Lords increase the Hero Capacity because they take of some troops themselves, or Goblins go by their own and don't count as troops under your control, not affecting the "Hero Troops Capacity") But I guess that would be up to developers to chose and decide if they feelt like this was a nice idea... XD

What do you think? It can be just a nonsense... And as I mentioned, I have not been a hardcore gamer, but it allways seemed like the Main Hero vs Main Hero fight was too decisive, and the game match became boring afterwards, chasing runners or finding empty towns.
Its just a suggestion, and maybe the developers can improve it or get an idea out of it.

Also, as a second suggestions... I saw many people (used to different Heroes games) about X or Y being different on Heroes 6.
I think it would be nice if it was posible to keep one or two of the favourites and easier to make (coding) like ON/OFF options; for example, "Random Skills Appearing" (Like Heroes 3) or "Chose all the Skills" (Like Heroes 6).
It's not a biggie for me; but since it seems quite important to some people (and I must admit I had fun on H3 chosing sometimes an "acceptable skill" just in case to not get one you didn't want later.. XD
Anyway, I don't ask for 50 options that make imposible to keep track about what kind of match you are going to play (on multiplayer); but a couple (like Random Skills / Selectable Skills) could be nice and should be really easy to add if you find its worth, for those who prefer.
Also it would give probably some variabilty to the game; instead of getting allways X build with X hero from X faction; even if you get diferent builds for different factions, they end being allways the same all the games (once you get the "right" one).

And I know you are trying to develop a "There is no better build" solution, but thats from really hard to imposible, and people will allways keep finding the "Best Build", even if its only for X Faction vs Y Faction, and some randomizing by time to time is great.

Another thing... I have not a big problem about the resources (H3 seemed too many sometimes anyway) but I beg you change the colour of the crystals to the original red, or something (anything) other that blue...
Its not enough that I think about Warcraft 3 / World of Warcraft when I see the glowing undeads or the new looks on the Nagas (wich I don't like a lot since I was a big fan of the Naga Queens on H3), but now I also hear the screen screaming at me "STARCRAFT!!!!" when I look at thos crystals...
Seriously, stop copy-pasting Blizzard looks on everything... If posible... Please. XD

BTW, big fan of 3 Tiers with different units instead of 7 tiers of Weaker>Stronger all the way up. May I also suggest (if this was posibile) that if you have 3 Slots for Core Units in your twon, you decide if you want to have like 10 Footmen + 10 Footmen + 10 Footmen (for example) instead of 10 Footmen + 15 Archers + 8 Healers?
Not only I feel like it could give more flexibility to the game and tacticts (never liked how I was allways kinda forced to just produce what I was forced to produce) but it should also make more obvious if X unit its overpowered when testing?

Anyway... All those are just some suggestions that popped up on my mind. Not that I ask for them; and maybe you can even convince me that some of them are really bad suggestions I wouldn't want to see implemented myself; but I felt like they were nice suggestions that may help developers a little (even if its just giving them another idea that has nothing to do with mines).

Oh... And I miss Dungeon big time... They were my favourites, 3 early ranged (if you count upgraped harpies) and Black Dragons to make an army by themselves allong with some AoE magic like Chaing Lightning or Armaggedon? Priceless! XD

03-15-2011, 05:17 AM
Well i totaly dont like Leadership idea...First of all it would be heroes level all that matters,you can be good strategist and just control 9/10 towns on the map with help of diffrent heroes,but player who got 1 Town and rushed everything with one hero doesnt carryng about how army he can lose and gets lets 5 levels ahead of you,he would have ability to control bigger army,so he got very huge advantage that you can hardly negate.

Second thing is about castles? How it would be possible to conquer castle when they can build as much troops as they want,and you have only fixed amount limited by leadership.

The thing that last battle means everytnig should be reworked otherway like escaping with part of army, i think it would be the best solution to make ability to escape battle with all of army left -20%(more or less this should be balanced) this would considerably weaken your force but you still have a chance.Also this ability could be included as On/off Becouse some people wouldnt like it,but some would.

03-15-2011, 07:06 AM
To me - the last battle with all your troops, artifacts and experience was the main reason for long hours hotseat sessions. Whoever wins the last battle is the man an we move onto the next game. We don't fight until the map is all explored and all artifacts are grabbed. But again, that's a hotseat.