View Full Version : When is R.U.S.E FINAL coming out? Dont like buying BETA's so much ;/

09-23-2010, 01:20 PM
The last 4 hours... Yes... 4 hours normally that means 4-5 games for me... im not a rusher... anyways... The last 4 hours i played over 30 games! and guess what? One, one small game none players quit the game... it Freezes, People leave all the time... Lobby joiners keep getting the message that they are still joining the game... etc etc etc

R.U.S.E is filled with the biggest bugs it can have in a beta game... wait... is R.U.S.E still in BETA!?

ps. I also got my experience level reset for the second time today!

Unbelievable, seriously OMFG...

08-18-2011, 02:24 AM
face it mate, we were scammed.
it's been so long now i doubt the bugs and glitches will be fixed, i imagen after the initial flop of this game, the publisher see's no point in funneling more money into a dead horse.

i can see it now, thousands of people all with the game on the computer that briefly stare at the launcher file or the greyed out name in the steam library and think 'i wonder what this game would have felt like if it actually worked and was created as advertised'