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02-17-2006, 12:25 AM
I did this in a VIIC 56% July 28, 1942. AM51.

After patrolling my assigned area I decided to patrol AM51 in search of convoys. €œShip spotted!€ yelled my watch officer and I was quickly under attack. I targeted a warship and sent a contact report and dove to periscope depth.

This is what I found:

A Clemson Destroyer, which was followed by four smaller destroyers. I never had a chance to identify the other destroyers.

I had to do something! I waited for the Clemson to near 1,000 meters, then I loosed an acoustic and crash dove to 200 meters.

Click here to see the acoustic torpedo slam into the aft of the Clemson (http://files.filefront.com/clemsonboomwmv/;4773582;;/fileinfo.html)

The torpedo blew a pretty nice size hole in the aft of the Clemson, but didn€t sink it. The Clemson was nearly crippled and retreated from the battle at just over two knots. The aft of the Clemson was underwater, which inspired me to take these screenshots:




Meanwhile, the Clemson€s buddies depth charged the hell out of me, but they were only successful in damaging my sub superficially. My hull integrity remained at 100%. Eventually the destroyers gave up and left and I turned around and headed for the Clemson.

The Clemson detected my engines and called his buddies back to the fight, but it was already too late. The electric torpedo was on its way to impact with his hull.

Click here to watch the Clemson light up like a battery in a camp fire (http://files.filefront.com/clemsonboom2wmv/;4773636;;/fileinfo.html)

The Clemson€s buddies came back for a fight, but couldn€t find me. This was all that remained of the Clemson after they had left:


Not bad for my first task force attack eh?

02-17-2006, 08:03 PM
Hey man, nice shot!

That looks like a hunter/killer group.

Who was hunting who. LOL!

02-18-2006, 10:53 PM
Originally posted by lecek:
Hey man, nice shot!

That looks like a hunter/killer group.

Who was hunting who. LOL!

I had a pretty hard time getting away from FOUR destroyers. They all depth charged me directly on target and I had no choice but to run my engines at flank speed to get away (free camera helped a lot) from the charges.

After firing on the Clemson I tried to descend slow and silently after crash diving, but they knew exactly where I was from a distance of 1000 meters--it was pretty amazing. I used decoys, which I think helped a bit, but I think I released them a bit too deep at 100 meters.

This was probably the most intense moment I've had in the game because I wasn't sure if I was going to live or not.

Convoy attacks are pretty fun because I feel somewhat godlike as I destroy thousands of tons of shipping, but being detected by destroyers is a whole different ballgame. My older brother whom I live with couldn't help but watch my ship get rocked by depth charges from over my shoulder.