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06-27-2007, 04:16 PM
Alright I got a question, Is ubi soft making a new driver this year (2007) If we do I think we should contine you it off of Driv3r cause they left us with a cliff hanger ending.
-sorry I suck at spelling =P

But does anyone no if there making a new driver?Besides Driver 76?

07-29-2007, 03:46 PM
Yes, the next gen Driver will more than likely be released in 2008.

Speaking of Driver, any long time fans of the series notice Driver 1, especially 2, and Driv3r seem to play like we're driving in slow-motion at times? Just plug in Driver 2 and you'll see what I mean. It gives you plenty of time to plan your next wheel turn or evasive maneuver, unlike DPL, which requires quick timing and reflexes, the way I prefer it. Bring back the speed of DPL in the new Driver.

08-03-2007, 12:06 AM
I think they should have options, like easy you get the functionality of the older drivers and in hard you get it like it was in DPL.

However I thought both styles were good.

Anyways, another driver has been announced, however I think atari announced this before they handed over the series. However ubisoft wouldn't spend 24million on the series to stop producing it as it'll be a waste of money. I think the series is alive and healthy but it might be another year before we hear anything about the next game. Maybe a name. maybe even more.

I'm not quite sure what reflections are doing at the moment. I can't really tell if they have just started the next game after the pc/psp version of dpl and d76 but if they where working on them and only on them well it'll proably take another year and a but. But if half the team have been working on the next gen driver well then we can expect to here something within about 6 more months.

08-03-2007, 10:37 AM
Yeah, they probably have enough people now to work exclusively on the next big Driver game thanks in part to Ubisoft. Sometimes, they'll hand small games like Driver 76 to new employees.

Games like Fallout 3 or Prototype are featured in Game Informer, even though the games won't be released till 2008, almost a year away.

08-03-2007, 09:46 PM
it really depends on the game developer, some game developers will prefer telling everyone about the game quite early but other developers won't say anything until 3months prior to the release. It really depends on the developer.

But I always wonder out of 150developers plus for most games why one developer in that team doesn't go online and start telling everyone.

I think this happened for Duke Nukem Forever, a developer didn't really say much he just posted some of the game art he had been working on. Which I thought would be more risky than just telling everyone about the game because you have to transfer the file outside the development area and most development companies would have strict rules on this.

08-04-2007, 09:27 AM
Good point.

I'll take a guess and say the new Driver (360,PS3,Wii?) might be released by Summer 2008. The announcement and a preview will hit before the end of the 2007.

But that's being hopeful. I'd hate to see it released till 2009.

08-05-2007, 12:45 AM
Unfortunately we have no idea what "Reflections Interactive" and UBISOFT are doing. maybe part of there plan is to plan out a three year development plan to really put a lot of effort in and to really restore the game.

Critics didn't really like the ps2 generation driv3r and driver: parallel lines and I really think it's time they really think about what there doing and now ubisoft is around this is most likely what there trying to do if ubi really wants to restore the series. But in my mind I thought driv3r and dpl was awsome and many people agree it's just the critics that don't agree.

But I still think they'll try and spend a lot of time on the game, maybe not as long as the three to five year journey on driv3r. But enough time to get everyone back playing the game again.

But still everything I'm thinking could be competently wrong, ubi might only be thinking about the financial gain and might want to take lots of short cuts and get the game released quickly. But that sounds more like atari so hopefully ubi will be spending the time with reflections to produce an awesome game.

08-06-2007, 02:40 PM
Well I think ubisoft should spend alot of ime on it and make sure it's ready tp be released before doing so. My idea of what the next Driver should be (Alot of ideas stolen from many people)
It should have an new charector all together a mob boss type of guy. You would have to raise through the ranks to become one of course and time could move with u. It could have your view of older missions and once u reach the mob-boss stage. You want TK as your right hand man like Jerico was to Solomon Caine.So you have to preswade him to come to you. Tanner is a rat in your system and helps u get TK to work for you while gathering info on you. You also have to knock off Solomon Caine as he is your business rivals. You work with Vasqase to do so. Tanner then gets the entire Police force on your back in a arms deal in Iraq. You kill Tanner as TK then goes to Vasqase's side. You end up with Jerico offering you a deal. Finaly you, Jerico have a showdown with Vasquase and TK. TK dies and Vasqase runs off, You and Jerico go into business and run Vasqase out of town. The police then leave you alone as you change your name and details and move to Sydney.
That's the story I made up.
Now hears some ideas some of them mine some of them not.

Locations;Main storyline takes place in(LA,Tokyo) One Mission(Baghdad)Hiding after the Baghdad mission (Glasgow)For retiring(Sydney)
Other locations where some of the old missions took place you can vist to.

You should beable to travel from one to another from the airport.

Weather; It should not only have a day and night cycle but a seasons cycle aswell. In the winter it you slide your car on ice.

General Out of Mission Fun; There should be other criminals in the game, crime should be happen more frequent at night. You should beable to harrass someone into giving you money. You should beable to extort business' like in the Godfather (Could be good in online mode) You should beable to buy security upgrades for your business' and safehouse. You should beable to customize your safehouse's, (EVERYONE in online mode gets one but for the fancy ones you need t take it or buy it). You should beable to get online contract hits. You should beable to customize your clothing and hair cut in shops. And bebale to get fitter in a gym. You should beable to buy guard dogs as well. There would be a radio in your car with all your choice of music playing and inbetween each song a news bulleten saying things relating to yu such as
"Beware of highjackings in the area." If you have been stealing cars and in multiplayer it would relate to other players to as well as the music would change to the popular day stuff of whatever era you are in.

Controls; The fighting and shotting controls should be similar to the Godfather Don's Edition game. You should beable to travel on the roofs of building like in assain's creed and Prince of persia. You should beable to get an in car camera mode as well as the conventional ones. In shooting modes the controls should be like the godfather but feel like the shoot ehm up games. One of my favourites was No One Lives Forever

Online; I have already said alot about that but I think I need to tell u how it would work.

You would get to customize your charector so much that they can look like you.

You could take over your friends business and or safehouse.

You would beable to buy security for your turf.

You could invite your mates to come to our mansion and hang out.

And all cheats would be disabled in this mode

It should feel like Driver PL 78 era in the morning but more vibrant

Driver 2 (Havana/Rio) in the afternoon

Splinter Cell Double Agent at night and Max Payne at the early hours of the morning

Thats my idea anyone wanna comment on it email me at cfc_jackson_cfc@hotmail.com