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11-12-2011, 11:21 AM
Here is a nice little video that introduces the Assassin Recruits. It's the tutorial mission for them. And it takes place in Sequence Three I believe.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?a...o&v=m0jW5KEuyTg#t=1h (http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_122614&feature=iv&src_vid=o2C3aYp5bMo&v=m0jW5KEuyTg#t=1h)

The fellows quite new at the game, and doesn't know how to counter, cannot free-run as good as the normal players can, and is very noticeable. It might be painful to watch, but don't complain - the fellow's generous enough to upload these gameplay videos. Don't hate on him.

Now I am guessing that Ezio already had an Assassin in his Guild that starts at Rank 10, ad the Assassin he recruits in the video begins on level 5, but I am unsure if this is true.

So far, here is what I have gathered in chronological order:
--Recruiting is far more full of depth. In the video, Ezio finds a man locked up by guards. Ezio must steal the key, unlock the cage that is holding the man, and the man decides to join the Guild. It seems to be more... in-depth. The Recruit seemed quite unique as compared to the Brotherhood Recruits. I think getting more Recruits will involve various other tasks instead of just stealing keys and unlocking cages.
--The Assassin Signals also made a return.
--Upon arriving at where-ever the location was (I assume it was a Den) he was given a dialogue box telling him one of his Recruits had enough Experience to lead a Den (at this point, it was his first recruit and I never saw him use the recruit). It also mentioned that Den Leaders could rank up to Master Assassin after doing unique missions with you. Also, Den Leaders are PERMANENTLY assigned to a Den and cannot be un-done apparently.
--Upon watching the video further, I noticed he had TWO Assassins. One was level 10 I believe, and he had a title of 'Assassin'; the other was level 5 I believe and was given a title of 'Footpad'.
--I am thinking that he was FORCED to choose a Den Leader, because it never gave him the option not to; but it might be part of the mission and it is required. I think he was only able to assign the level 10 assassin to the position, cause level 5 one was shaded out.
--I am assuming that Assassin's rank up to Rank 10 as usual, and cannot go higher unless assigned to a Den where they can rank up to 15 and go on special missions with you and become a Master Assassin.

[The Mission]
--After assigning the Assassin as Den Leader, the Assassin appeared in the Den room. Ezio was able to speak with him, which did not render a cutscene or dialogue though. Instead, Ezio and the Assassin were transported outside of the Den where they walked down a street and talked to each other concerning their mission. Ezio and the Assassin split ways and decide to meet up elsewhere. When Ezio reached the destination, the Assassin Recruit was seen in action in a cutscene where he assassinated two guards with double hidden blades and hid in some hay, where Ezio was given the command to kill all other Templars before rejoining with the Assassin. Ezio used a Signal to call another Assassin to assassinate another guard, and the mechanics of this seemed identical to Brotherhood. Ezio rejoined with the Recruit, but told him to wait until Ezio looked around. The camera panned away from a dead assassin lying on a bench. Using Eagle Sense, Ezio could see someone (a Byzantine no doubt) kill the assassin. A bit later, Ezio used Eagle Sense again and saw, what appeared to be an assassin, assassinate a Guard. However, seconds later, the 'Sentinel' character from multiplayer appeared on a roof and assassinated another guard, where Ezio then gave the command to 'follow that man!'. After a small chase, Ezio's Den Assassin that is on the mission with him re-appeared and jumped down a roof in front of the Sentinel, but did not kill him. Instead, some guards (it looked like Byzantines) came to his rescue, and the Sentinel ran off, and Ezio and his Den Assassin had to fight them off. Upon winning, they talked and the mission ended.

--After beating the mission, Ezio received an update on the side of the screen that told him the Assassin was promoted to Assassin, Second Rank. Now I assume this meant the Assassin was on level 11 now. I also assume that this Assassin would further increase in rank the more missions him and Ezio complete (for example, completing another mission with him would make him Assassin, Third Rank (or level 12)). I am not to sure, but I assume this.

Assassin Ranks
I am guessing this is what is used, but I am unsure.

Rank 1 -
Rank 2 -
Rank 3 -
Rank 4 -
Rank 5 - Footpad
Rank 6 -
Rank 7 -
Rank 8 -
Rank 9 -
Rank 10 - Assassin

After getting to Rank 10, the Assassin is done ranking up. However you can assign them to an Assassin Den where you can go on unique missions with them and further increase their rank.

Rank 11 - Assassin, Second Rank
Rank 12 - Assassin, Third Rank
Rank 13 - Assassin, Fourth Rank
Rank 14 - Assassin, Fifth Rank
Rank 15 - Master Assassin

11-12-2011, 02:13 PM
I updated this a lot.

It began as a question, but I had no answers. Determined to find out for myself, I watched a gameplay video on it.

And now it includes information on Assassin Recruits and whatnot.


11-17-2011, 10:52 PM
I have played the game myself, and for some weird reason all the assassins I have recruited have started at level 5. I have no idea if this is intentional, but I find it rather annoying that as soon as I recruit an assassin his/her ability to go on hard/medium missions completely takes away from the value or purpose of ever doing the easier recruit missions. It renders those missions useless. Also, whatever happened to being able to customize your recruits? All I can change on their equipment is whether or not the have a hood/mask. I would like to know if this is meant to be so.

11-18-2011, 09:09 AM
I have found that the assassins that you recruit appear to be either 5th level and 1st level. They have been about evenly split for me thus far, but it would be possible to get lucky one way or the other.

In ACB, the only customization that you could do on recruits was the color of their robes. That has been kept and they have added the hood an mask options. Presumably this is intended.

11-21-2011, 05:30 PM
I have an Assassin, fifth rank and he has a timer next to his name, but it does not say he is a mission. I believe the last mission I sent him on was to add another Assassin's den to a city. Any idea on how to fix this one?