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01-01-2011, 12:25 PM
The Ending of AC was a little confusing until i replayed it when your on the blue platforms the Alien/Godess was talking to you and she was angry you could get the "6th" Sense which is Knowledge and If you have seen the video of Adam and Eve with the apple runnig away it seemed like they where the first assassins and the story of Adam And Eve in the bible they eat the apple of knowledge so they get cast out of eden so I think the Alien/Godess wants the Apple back and Lucy could help Desmond fix the world back and Minerva doesnt want that also When you see project 16 talk to you about miturst it could be refferring to Minerva and he says the Words "SUN" then "SON" like offspring and he says its too weak. So when you hear the end 2 Voices it could be fellow assassins of Desmond son who is in the animus as Ezio and Desmond and it was hard for Desmond to cope, so With a memory in memoy it could make him go mental and isane killing him.

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