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08-23-2007, 04:06 AM
Well of course it isn`t the real storyline , it`s just that i`m so curious about the storyline so i let my mind free.It`s the first time i make something like this so please don`t be rude.Well , here goes nothin`...

Do you, or have you ever, thought that perhaps the whole Sci-Fi turn in the game could actually be beneficial (good)? Think about it for a minute. The first part of the game would be as in the trailers , but with some hints of the sequal ( like the one at the end of the in game trailer with that female scient).Something happens to you that makes you to live untill some scientists would then find you and see why you were frozen in the first place(or as I told you any other reason ). They would use these machines that we can all see from the in game movie, and see everything about your past.

That would give you the space/breathing room necessary for the sequals of Assassin's Creed. The reason being for this is that you would find out everything that you have ever done, and the scientists would be part of that storyline aswell. on top of that, they would think that you have to live in a cell for the rest of your life or even have to be killed. You would eventually find out about this, and end up using what you have re-learned with the help of your memories to escape. This would be the second part.

In the third part, some Oranization/Forgotten assassin clan that still exists from the bloodline of the original descendands of the Hashashin would confront you. They would ask for help to train them properly as the original Assassin's were and prevent Some big war of sorts.

you have some sort of a nightmare which details the truth of what actually happened to you, explaining why you "survived" so long into the future. You would actually be playing the nightmare of this, a-la Max Payne, and when you are finished a female scientist would ask you, "Are you ready?" The part where you are waking up and her asking you would be a FMV, and the image would fade out with those glitches on the screen, thus starting the game.

When you have finished all the missions the scientists would think it would be better off if you were locked up or killed. That's how the first part of AC would end, bringing on an opening for AC 2. The scond part would be something along the lines of them showing you looking up and waiting to be sentanced, but you escape. I forgot to mention this, but they took your weapons and clothes too (this is a bit obvious). you would have to go get your equipment, get out of the prison/holding area, and then pursuited in the city. THis would go on until you found a place of refuge (refugee is a person, Refuge is a hide-away). That would be cool, seeing Altair in the city with so much technology; since he is a fast learner though, he'd learn to use the technology in his favor.

The second part ends with a movie where Altiar is in some place forgotten by the world, thinking about his past, present, and future combined; we're talking about the near future though, in a time frame of less than a week.

Finally the Third part comes, and it would start as follows; Altair would have adapted as well as possible with the technology, and even better than some of the citizens. He'd come back from work, since he's not an assassin anymore, but now a white collar worker. When he returns home, he would sense something is wrong before he even takes off his shoes and turns on the lights. This would be where an assassin attacks him, but since this is Video-games, Altair would pwn him.

When Altair is about to kill the would-be attacker, a conversation would go like this:

Unknowed attacker: -It seems that our master was right , your truly are a Hashashin !

Altair : -Who are you ?And how do you know about the Hashashin ?

Jammal: -My name is Jammal and i am from an modern assasin guild made only with
the direct descendents of the Hashashin ,acctually we are realatives?

Altair lets down his attack position and says

What ... what do you mean ??!
Jammal : -Look i am your direct descendent and my master send me specially for u because we are realtives and i wanted so much to see you.We need your help to train us...because...Altair stops him to say another word and says:
-But how do you know about me ? Jammal answers..
-Look our master will explain you everything...that , if you wish to help us.. "

That would be the beginning of the movie (Opening FMV?). Image fade out, and turns back on to show us Altair ariving at the modern assassin's guild. Jammal's master would explain him everything, and following suit the game would begin.

You would be training these assassins, and doing so you'd learn some modern techniques. Assisting Jammal on his missions would be there, and other things to save the world.

Finally, at the last FMV of the game, we see Altair decides to remain permanently with the Assassins and continues training them in the old ways. After this, we'd see the initiation of a new true Hashasin, whom would be Jammal. Altair would cut his finger off and give him the personalized Hand-dagger that Altair has. Altair would tell Jammal, "Now, you are a true Hashasin. I would rather remain a teacher, but you have such a greater potential than I ever had. Now that you are ready, take my blade, and use it only when necessary. I must warn you, it has already as much blood on it as possible."

In this way, we could leave us for a new series with the same engine, something like "Modern Assassin" with Jammal as the protagonist. By the way, in the third series, I put a random name, but in my oppinion it would be nice to be like this. I didn't say that the way they are making Assassin's Creed would be bad, because it's Awesome. This is merely just a potential storyline since we don't know it .

They said that 10% of the game is in the future, in the first part of the game only. Keeping this in mind, look at how much I said about the future in the first part, and see that it could be possible to be something like this.

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http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/clap.gif Nice story! That's a really good theory.

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Wow! Nice start, yonut2oo5.
And yeah, I think that the main character (the one in the Present) will somehow have to use some abilities/knowledge that the memories from his predecessor (Altair) to find whatever is revealed when he sees those memories (yeah, because there's a lot of hush-hush around what was found in the past... not the holy grail, but something else http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif ).
All that I explained would be featured in the second installment of the game.

08-23-2007, 04:42 AM
i still think the find altairs corpse and brought it back to live, or it is like in futurama

08-23-2007, 04:52 AM
if u watch the gametrailers pop up video of AC (or something like that), while you watch it it shows you some facts about the game and the trailer. it also says that in the game there is a organization like matrix, which enters in people memories.

08-23-2007, 03:10 PM
Thanks for the welcome ( i got the account long time ago , even forgot the reason why i made it back then http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif ) and i`m very glad you liked it.

08-23-2007, 03:15 PM
good story!!

buttttt, yeah i know i dont wanna rain on ur parade, but about the "Modern Assassin" part, i really don't see the need for an assassin trained by someone from like 50 zillion years ago. They could just get some guy with a sniper rifle or an artillery strike.

Sorry! welcome btw, but sorry!

08-23-2007, 03:57 PM
you gotta think that it is prtty risky to not just make a new game series but a complete new franchise and pick up a time that usually blows with this action adventure genre
it can turn out good like prince of persia, hitman or gta vice city but can also get uncredited like beyond good and evil
and think how many good wild west games exist...maybe 2, GUN and red dead revolver, and all mid age games are usually full of rpg or moviegames like lord of the ring
so ubisoft won´t want to risk anything with assassisn creed here

08-23-2007, 05:24 PM
about the modern assasin , i don`t say Hitman wasn`t good , but it didn`t meant that modern assasin should be like that , cause there are allready a lot of games similar to hitman , i meant that modern assasin would be like using old ways combined with the assasin style from the future ( combat styles , i don`t mean the weapons ) , that it would be in this assasin guild some kind of a tradition in using old ways against theyr targets , so this way they could respect and show gratitude for the ones who created the Hashashin guild.
And the name is eh , not pretty good , i sayd it cause i lacked of ideas when i wrotte it , a better name would be "The Hashashin Order" or something similar.
Rush , out.

08-24-2007, 03:15 AM
yeah, i prefer a lot more a medieval game (with swords and all that) than a modern game... but an assassin in our time using old techniques.. that's cool xD