View Full Version : i want to browse my hd for an avatar

07-04-2009, 09:39 AM
exactly like i can for my photos on this site. instead i haved to enter a url and try and find aztec gold by using a ps3 browser to uploqd avatars here there and nowhere which requires sizing the bloody thing somewhere, impossible on ps3 or clicking and dragging it impossible too. why not just make life easy and allow the url option for pcers and the browse hd(like u have now for pis/photos for albums)for consolers so we can just dl the frugging thing in seconds. would that be just to easy to acomadate? here's hoping

07-05-2009, 05:06 AM
problem sorted. if you have a ps3 and come up against this problem here's what i did to remedy it(if it worries you not having an avatar that is). firstly i went to an avatar creating/hosting site. tinypic.com is simple and easy to use and you can browse your hard disk therein for any image(within the bounds of 'decency')you wish to upload. & you don't even have to register if you do not wish to. once i uploaded my pic the site gave me the option of downgrading it to avatar size-no click & drag. then i was given various codes, i manually wrote down the website forum code for my pic as i cannot work out how to use the new ps3 paste feature. and entered it into my eve profile page...et voilą