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This video explains everything that should be incorporated in the series in regards to the living world...


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Sorry for the double post just doing this because my question isn't showing on the lists.

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I agree, it's a nice concept for sp not multiplayer! You need to put it in the general discussion it doesn't relate to the mp.

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Definitely single player content. However I do like the "living world" experience. But other from a co-op RPG there would hardly be any suitable use in a multiplayer environment.

Besides, I don't like The Witcher. Fantasy RPG and you're fixed on a human male!? No thanks. http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

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Every. Single. Open world game. Needs random events like Red Dead Redemption had. Especially a game [series] as epic as Assassin's Creed, and I sincerely hope that perhaps in the next installment, or AC3, they will be included.

Here's what I mean:


(you may wish to turn on noscript ^ )

Some favorite excerpts:

Encountered outside of cities. A woman standing near a wagon calls the player for help, and when the player comes closer, 4-5 men pop up from behind the wagon and start mugging the player. If the player stays still without shooting them, they hold up a ransom for a fee, then let the player go. Once the player kills them all, he has the choice of sparing the woman or killing her for her deception. If the player chooses to spare her she will plead for forgiveness and offer the player money.

Encountered in the wilderness. A man will ride up to the player while he is on a horse and ask him to save his wife/brother/friend/cousin from being hanged by a group of bandits. The player can follow him and he will lead the player to a tree with a couple of horses/carriage. There are 4 to 5 enemies and a hanging man/woman. The player must shoot the rope quickly before they die. The easiest way to do so is by using Dead-Eye. Then all there is left is to kill all the enemies and the player will be rewarded with Fame. A scripted hanging can also occur if the player is near the Hanging Rock or Tumbleweed. This can happen very often whilst riding in Tall Trees and sometimes at Odd Fellow's Rest.

While in a city (especially Thieves' Landing), the player can hear a woman screaming for help. A criminal has hogtied her and is running away with her on his back. The player can choose to shoot him or Hogtie him and cut her free for a decent amount of fame.

While traveling through a village, the player might encounter a screaming prostitute and a man with a knife chasing after her. The man will pull her down and kill her if the player doesn't stop him in time. On success, the player will receive both Fame and money. The player can either shoot him, lasso/beat him up or just watch while the guy stabs the woman.

Zombie edition:

A wife will see her husband (who was presumably dead before the plague) and try to embrace him. The husband will attempt to infect her and if you save her, she will thank you and reward you. If you kill the husband before he tries to eat her, she will say that "he wasn't one of them" and run away. This usually happens outside of towns

May happen at most houses you can enter in the wilderness. Sometimes a man on a horse will ask John to help his brother who is trapped in the house. The house will be surrounded by a group of zombies and you will need to kill them all before you can reunite the two brothers. Again, there is a chest inside. Open it for some ammo and a consumable item.

All these kinds of encounters really add to the feel of the world being alive, not to mention replay value when you've finished. Don't always have to replay a mission...You can just walk around, and see what happens.

05-07-2011, 12:52 PM
Very true. I read a thread about the craziest stuff NPC´s have done in RDR, and the stories are campfire worthy.

ACR: "In order to make the world more immersive they've done away with traditional side missions in favor of random events. For example you may be traveling through a city and notice a shop owner being robbed or a little girl asking for help", so I reckon UBI will do even better than Rockstar. There will be awesome.

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Please post this here-
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