View Full Version : Is FarCry 3 going to have Assault mode?

06-07-2011, 10:21 AM
Are u guys going to add Assault mode to Far Cry 3 , or any similar game modes from FC1 or FC2 ?

Assault & Capture the Diamond where the most popular multiplayer modes for FC1 & FC2

06-07-2011, 12:05 PM
I would hope that they give us the tools to create our own multiplayer modes.

As for previous Far Cry (on console) modes.

STS (FCIP) In steal the sample you could actually throw the sample from one player to another which worked extremely well, and to pick up the sample you just ran into it.

CTD FC2 - I did not like the way in which you had to press a button to pick up the diamond, also you could not throw it which for me was a letdown - the option to throw it towards a team mate when getting gunned down made the death feel that bit easier.

Uprising was a load of rubbish because you could not select who the captain was - Some players like to be the captain and are better suited than others, had that option been available I think it would have been more popular.

It was a shame that you could not place A,B,C stations next to each other in FC2 because that would have made a fun mode with everyone attacking the same area then going for the captain - The stations had to be separated a little

Seek and Secure (kind of like territories or king of the hill where the players have to work as a team to capture the stations, This was a great mode but didn't get the attention it deserved

Predator mode was also really great - in the FC3 interview they mention scifi possibilities, I wonder if this mode or something similar will return.

To get assault you just need to be able to place one Flag (capture the flag) then one team defends and the other attacks.

Or place flags in opposite teams bases for double assault.