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Just found some great tweaks for VISTA in a magazine I subscribe too...ATOMIC magazine. Thought I'd pass this stuff on as it's should help with security and performance for those who have taken the leap into VISTA and who want every nano second of performance for their IL-2 addiction http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif
I've left out the stuff for eye candy as I figure that's personal preference

DISCLAIMER: I haven't tried any these yet in VISTA (I'm still waiting for drivers to mature for my hardware before I install my copy), but I have faith in these suggestions as the tweaks provided for XP in the past have worked fine for me, but as always you try these at your won risk!

Direct X
VISTA comes with a modified version of DX9c, but some games just won't run on it. In VISTA, DX9 and DX10 can live together as separate installs so just grab a DX9c runtime and install it.
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyi...49413&displaylang=en (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9226A611-62FE-4F61-ABA1-914185249413&displaylang=en) 33.5MB

Remove Unwanted Stuff
Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. Suggested things to turn off are Games, Windows Meeting Place, Tablet PC components etc. It's reported to save around 2GB of space just from these alone.

Menu Speed
I have used this in XP and it works! run 'regedit' and change the following:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "MenuShowDelay"="0"

Disable the Side Bar
It sometimes pops up during game play, not cool, right click on it and de-select 'Start Sidebar when Windows starts'

Disable problem reports
When something goes wrong VISTA will want to report back home before you can close a hung application. Turn it off here:
Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and solutions, then click 'Advanced settings' then under 'For my programs, problem reporting is:' tick 'Off'

Shutting down Windows faster
Run regedit and change
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l]
Set 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout' to '2000'

Copying large files over an network? Use ROBOCOPY
Robocopy has apparently been around since NT4.0, but I've never heard of it until today and its not in XP as far as I know.
The command 'robocopy' (Robust File Copy) is standard with all versions of VISTA and has it's DNA from Linux's command tools. It's supposed to very good for copying large files (100mb or more) over a network connection (LAN), which in the past, XP has been less than ideal at doing. It has some 80 command switches so it should be a blast to use for those of us who LAN IL-2.
Type 'robocopy /?' in the command prompt to see what's what.

User Access Control
I love Apple's representation of the UAC in their ads, but its not far from the truth. It's a pain to work with and is always getting in the way, and these days you should be running a decent dedicated firewall anyway which does the same job. To disable it run 'msconfig' from the Start menu > Tools > check 'Disable UAC' and then Launch...BUT...we're not done yet!
To gain control again of valuable .INI files in game directories or bookmarks in your account folders you need to grant yourself access. Any time you see the 'Denied' message for a directory:
Right click on the directory > Properties > Security > Advanced > Permissions > Edit > highlight 'Everyone' and select 'Remove' and then apply and OK.
If you can't access a directory or a file, neither can your games or defraggers.

Windows Firewall
Most "decent" free software firewalls will do a better job and disable the Windows firewall when installed. No brainer this one.
Control Panel > Network and Internet > Windows Firewall > (Turn that sucker off)

Disable Windows Security Centre notifications
Up to you but I keep Anti-Virus and Firewalls updated anyway.
Security Centre > Change the way security centre alerts me > Choose 'Don't notify me and don't display the icon'

Disable Remote Assistance
This is just asking for a hacker to come in and snoop around, don't make it easy for them, and its one less service hogging your system.
Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advances system settings > Remote > De-select 'Allow Remote Assistance'
Also under 'Remote Desktop' click 'Don't allow connections to this computer'

Keeping it squeaky clean
I can't praise this little Gem enough...
www.ccleaner.com (http://www.ccleaner.com)
It cleans, it slices, it dices and wipes files from places I have never even thought existed, it cleans and shreds files never to be un-deleted, it cleans dead registry entries, it cleans temp folders from most popular programs and best of all it's free!

Disable System Restore and Shadow Copy
Shadow Copy allows you to recover deleted files without needing a third party file recovery program, but it bogs down VISTA and chews up HDD space. Frankly I'll never use it. If I have a problem, I like to manually get rid of stuff and I regularly do a complete reinstall of everything about once every 6 months anyway. The only bummer is not being able to recover deleted files, but I have never needed to do it and I keep all my important data on a 2nd HDD anyway. It also relies on 'System Restore' which also uses up resources so that will need to be disabled too.

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advances system settings > System protection > Deselect the drives you don't want to use this feature on.
This should speed things up and free quite a bit of space.

The Pagefile
This is a contentious issue were many different tweaks have worked and failed for many users of XP. But the rules that work for XP won't work for VISTA. VISTA is a big fat resource hungry beast of an OS and right now, no matter how much RAM you have, your swap file should be at least 2GB for min and max values. If possible it should be on a 2nd HDD that is equal to or better in performance to your main drive and be on a separate SATA or IDE channel. I've never set up a separate partition for a Windows swap file on the one drive, so I can't comment on performance using that method, my guess it would be negligible but if others have done it feel free to post your thoughts.

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advances system settings > Performance > Settings > Advanced > Virtual Memory

Disable search indexing
Yes looking for files will be slower but we're on the quest for game speed here so to reduce disk trashing I'd disable it: Right click on your drive icon in 'My Computer' and un-check 'Index this drive'.

IPv6 and QoS
IPv6 isn't in use in the main stream yet (unless your a networking guru) and QoS has no use for online gaming.
Control Panel > Network and Internet > Networking and Sharing centre > Manage network connections from the left panel > Right click on your NIC and select Properties > De-select IPv6 and QoS then hit OK.

Disable offline files
The net is cheap and fast these days, this service just takes up HDD space and in turn performance.
Control Panel > Network and Internet > Offline files and click 'Disable offline files'

Advanced Performance
This is definitely one for "Enter at own risk"!
This enables 'write back' caching in VISTA which can increase disk performance. Be warned it is not available on all drives, and READ THE WARNINGS FIRST!!!! before enabling it. You have been warned!
Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Device Manager from the left panel > Search your disk drives and you may or may not be able to activate 'Advanced Performance' on a drive.

Disable and delete hibernation file
This is mainly used for laptops which writes your entire RAM contents to your HDD when it goes to sleep. Not really needed for a desktop and uses valuable resources.
In the 'Search Bar' run cmd.exe
In the command prompt type "powercfg -h off" and your done

VISTA's defrag sucks worse than XP
Goto: www.diskeeper.com (http://www.diskeeper.com)
The Pro version is VISTA compatible, comes in 32bit and 64bit, and costs $50 US, it will add a background task but it's well worth it as your drive will be always defragged and running at optimal performance.

Tweak VI
Haven't used it yet but it looks like a very powerful and easy to use VISTA Tweaker. It does have a trial version and costs $40 US for a 12 month subscription for 1 licence.

Powershell 1.0 for VISTA 64bit
For the user who knows their stuff:
http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyi...CD084&displaylang=en (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=AF37D87D-5DE6-4AF1-80F4-740F625CD084&displaylang=en)

Please feel free to add to this!

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Sehr kuhl!

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Thought I would read "Ditch it and revert to XP" http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif

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Sorry but the guy who wrote this is obviously some kind of wannabe. If you turn firewall off you did nothing... Firewall service still runs and you won't get any performance boost. Shadow copy doesn't restore files back but it allows programs to copy files in use and System Restore depends on it, not vice-versa. There are some other things I found useless as well. There are plenty of good Vista tweak guides on Google...

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Originally posted by Sjeler:
Sorry but the guy who wrote this is obviously some kind of wannabe. If you turn firewall off you did nothing... Firewall service still runs and you won't get any performance boost. Shadow copy doesn't restore files back but it allows programs to copy files in use and System Restore depends on it, not vice-versa. There are some other things I found useless as well. There are plenty of good Vista tweak guides on Google...

Shadow copy IS backup system which will allows you to bring back files from the dead...http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/windowsvista/features/details/backup.mspx

As for turning off the firewall is done automatically by many software firewalls already, zonealar, commodo etc etc. This post was about performace and reducing your PC's overhead.

As for being a wanna be!? I put this together in the spirit of this community so YOU wouldn't have to run all over the place looking in Google.

03-18-2007, 03:55 PM
Shadow copy does exactly what I said and its not new feature of Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista, I doubt that any firewall can turn service off just like that. If it can, that only show how "great" vista is

I'm sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention. I only wanted to say something from my own experience