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12-31-2011, 08:41 AM
I address in advance to moderators of the given forum and sincerely I ask, please, don't delete and don't close this theme if suddenly its creation has mentioned any rules of section. If I have committed an error with the publication or with registration of this letter, I ask to correct me, but only don't send this message in a basket.
I as ask users of the given section not to make comments on my letter and not to express opinion concerning my idea as I address only to developers of company Ubisoft. Thanks for the consent.
If in the text there are spelling errors I apologize. I from Russia also write by means of the translator.

Hello, dear developers! Be so kind as, spend pair of minutes and pay attention to my request. I write to you on behalf of group of Russian gamers which are one of the most devoted admirers of a series of games Assassin’s creed. I can tell with confidence that from the moment of an exit of the first part all of us watched development of rather fascinating and unique history of the Ancient Award of Murderers and behind destinies of characters of our time, twisted in centuries-old struggle of two Great Organizations. You have developed, likely, for the first time in history video games the project, on scales of world history covering all side. And it admires. However something allocates me and my adherents among other weight of fans of a series. We have especially fallen in love with history of Desmond. We have fallen in love with it, as protagonist of game and those characters that were with it throughout its way. Speaking about allies of mister Miles, I especially want to allocate Lucy. I and the rests very much liked this heroine. It really Hero of Assassins creed. "Hero" of game, the book or a film for me is the one who possesses not only perfectly recreated appearance at times rather attractive to a usual circle of users, but also it is fine, professionally worked character. You, Ubisoft, have made its such. The ideal character of a computer game. And I thank you for them with Desmond a subject line. I want to tell that, certainly, ending Assassin’s creed Brotherhood and continuation Revelations have shaken us. Personally for me the ending of the third game became intolerable blow. And it not because I the gone mad fan. Always it seemed to me that that on advantage to estimate a plot, he should as if be "lived". Both I, and the others have made it. We have got used to Lucy, it became for us an inseparable particle of history of Desmond. An important and essential particle. Which has appeared is torn painfully off from us. And, to tell the truth, I stay till now in shock because, probably, I am not capable to understand your plans about the further plot. But I write you this letter with the unique purpose. We ask you. We do not order and demand, we do not force and we blackmail. I and my adherents we ask you, please, return us Lucy. It was very heavy to play Revelations. After all there all has changed. The history of Desmond as if has become empty without this girl. On our sensations. I understand and I accept that fact that you are gods for these characters and that only you have the right to operate them and to solve, there are they in game or not. I know that to you is more visible, as should develop Assassin’s creed 3. But I nevertheless ask you, please, hear our request and, so to say, "revive" Lucy. Dear developers, only to you it under force.
I know that is written to Encyclopedias Assassin’s creed about Lucy. I know about records and video clips on the Internet which open to us the person of the girl from other party. But I and my colleagues, we sincerely hope for your favor. Please, return this small virtual little man. Not as the enemy or a phantom. And as that unique half of Desmond. We thank for these heroes and for a great plot! Thanks for attention!
And, if I will be allowed by managers of a forum, further I will lay out nicknames and profiles of gamers from pair of Russian fans-sites on behalf of which I spoke. It that you haven't doubted that I not one and don't deceive you, speaking about group.
***@ssin_Moonlight http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14331
ds22489 http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-11550
SlapersMaxim http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-6606
lazalka) http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-10835
va2kr9le http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14765
Mantis http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14046
DarkWolf http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-10146
Sunsay http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-13770
drMonro http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-13924
katypaklina http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14102
troll http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14559
alexsax http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-14604
mak8895 http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-4415
ArtemusAndreev15011997 http://assassinscreed.su/index...temusAndreev15011997 (http://assassinscreed.su/index/8-0-ArtemusAndreev15011997)
lonowi4 http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-2883
ExWarrioR http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-721
McVampire http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-414
Stefan http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-3615
EmpuW http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-828
Wicked http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-2819
Cat http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-1825
DoctorMalfatto http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-2263
Ilioney http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-3675
Lucy8341 http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-2593
assassin_1999 http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-2680
Sitderioss http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-3687
nikolasSm http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-1420
AssassinAltair http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-3759
Nefer http://assassins-creed.su/index/8-3904

01-31-2012, 10:04 PM
Please, hear me, after all I ask not one. Lucy's returning want many fans of your games.