View Full Version : Only able to run il2server_new with the output below...

01-15-2007, 07:57 PM
C:\Program Files\Ubi Soft\IL2 FB Dedicated Server>il2server_new
IL2 FB dedicated server v4.04m
Sound: Native library (build 1.1, target - P IV) loaded.
RTS Version 2.1
Core Version 2.0
ERROR sfs: SFS library (fb_3do12server.sfs) NOT Mounted: Unknown SFS error: fb_3
com.maddox.rts.SFSException: Unknown SFS error: fb_3do12server.sfs
ERROR sfs: SFS library (fb_3do12pserver.sfs) NOT Mounted: Unknown SFS error: fb_
com.maddox.rts.SFSException: Unknown SFS error: fb_3do12pserver.sfs
ERROR sfs: SFS library (fb_maps11.sfs) NOT Mounted: Unknown SFS error: fb_maps11
com.maddox.rts.SFSException: Unknown SFS error: fb_maps11.sfs
1>mission LOAD net/dogfight/ 3/1_Islands.mis BEGIN
Loading mission net/dogfight/ 3/1_Islands.mis...
Load bridges
Load static objects
Mission: net/dogfight/ 3/1_Islands.mis is Playing
1>f gc.cmd
Memory: total(38636544) free(25113544)
Memory: total(38496256) free(25021624)
Memory: total(38499328) free(25024216)
>timeout 3600000 f gc.cmd

I renamed il2fbserver.exe to il2fb (without the .exe) as written in the guide. I cannot start il2server.exe or the console. I can start il2server_new.exe.

01-16-2007, 08:33 AM
Did everything work before applying the 4.04 patch? Did you apply all required patches in correct order?

Check for the presence of those files in the server folder, i.e.:

Possibly you have a corrupted download of the last server patch. You might be able to fix the errors by copying those files from a working installation of the 4.04m game.