View Full Version : Shop Quest Strategy Thread

12-16-2010, 11:51 PM
Anyone know of any good strategies to get items for the shop quests? I just finished all of mine and thought I'd share my strategies.

Shrunken Heads: You can only get these in a treasure chest in the Antico District and inside a hallway to the right of the cross inside the church of The Sixth Day Romulus Lair memory. If you've sold either of these, you're outta luck. The one in the Antico District is somewhere in the West of the Antico District. Buy the map and look for it. You'll get it eventually.

Silk, Cardinal's Purple Dye, Vlad the Impaler Coins, Indian Diamond, Elephant Ivory, Pomander, Ambergris, Papaver Silvaticum: Replay the A Blank Finish Thief Mission where you have to chase the 3 bandits on horses. Kill the first two and chase after the last one until it reaches the end of the chase. Eventually, a buncha bandits will attack you and continuously respawn. Continuously kill a CRAPLOAD of bandits until you think you've killed enough (I probably killed around 30 or so). As said, they will continuously respawn, leaving you only able to loot one or two bandits at a time before the next batch comes and interrupt you and you have to kill another batch before looting again. Simply call your assassins and have them distract them for you while you look the dead bodies. The silk was the hardest for me to find, though.

Aconite: This one was a female-dog for me to get. Apparently, the only one to get this ultra-rare item is through Borgia Couriers, unless someone can correct me on that. It took me several hours of trial and errors and reading through strategies before I finally found a sure way of spawning the Courier. Take the tunnel to the Thiefs Guild. Climb on top of the tunnel and look out towards the fork road. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute and the Courier should be coming straight at you from the left side of the fork road. Most importantly, keep an eye out for the white arrow. If no Aconite, take the tunnel back to the Tiber Island Hideout, leave the hideout, go back in (though I'm not sure if the last two are required), and take the tunnel back to the Thiefs Guild and repeat. Took me about 10 tries before I finally got it. I couldn't believe how effective this was after several hours of researching and trial and errors. You can also get quite a few of the items mentioned above from the Bandits from the Courier as well just from attempting to get the Aconite.

Terracotta Pot, Totem, Buddhist Prayer Beads, Tomatoes, Nutmeg: These are super easy to get. They're in practically every treasure chest in Rome. Just simply buy the treasure maps and I'm sure you'll find all of the required items above for the Shop Quest in no time.

That's the best I got. Anyone know of any other/better strategies for the Shop Quests?