View Full Version : Warning to ubisoft, On the assassin's creed revelation

07-23-2011, 08:06 AM
We Need Arabic language in assassin's creed,
why ubisoft ignore the middle east market place ..here we buy games, but i have to tell you

if you don't but the arabic subtitles in next assassin creed
u will lose a too many sales of the new version
Because you may not know that you're loving your games organized a strike on all the company's productions in Arabic forums that has not made the Arabic language in the new part of assassin's creed

I know that topic will be to close, but we must tell you that all Forum Games in the Middle East designed to strike your products, and they are awaiting the approval of the request,,, they are not joking

the matter Have left of control, at first it was just a talk in forum,,,, but now has become standard on all forums

07-23-2011, 08:54 AM
As you say, this will be closed - due to there already being a few threads about the subject.

Making repeat post's will result in the being locked - no matter the subject.