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04-29-2005, 04:57 AM
Hi guys,

I'm Cristiaan Brans, community manager on www.csports.net (http://www.csports.net) I'm here to tell you guys about Csports.net. I hope you don't mind that we do so. All community stats and basic player information is available for free. We do provide extra services for subscribers but in the basics we're a free service.

Csports.net provides a service for gamers who play online (FPS) games. We view what happens online, and use the information we gather to rank all players globally. And we use the information to create detailed statistics and services like rankbanners and personalized ladders and statsPages.

Feel free to browse our website at www.csports.net (http://www.csports.net). I've got a couple of links for ya:

Top Games (http://www.csports.net/TopGames.aspx?Matrix=0&Mod=0)
Top Mods (http://www.csports.net/TopMods.aspx?Matrix=0&Mod=0)
Top Clans (http://www.csports.net/TopClans.aspx)
Top Maps (http://www.csports.net/TopMaps.aspx)
Search for your own statistics (http://www.csports.net/Search.aspx?Advanced=1)

If you have any questions about our website / services, feel free to ask me or to mail me at Cris@csports.net


Cristiaan Brans
Community Manager
Worldwide Rankings and Statistics for online gamers.
http://www.csports.net/assets/csportsbanner.gif (http://www.csports.net/)

04-29-2005, 10:43 AM
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