View Full Version : Subjct 16 theory ***SPOILERS***

12-31-2010, 05:31 PM
Alright i have a theory on Subject 16. When your about to enter the entrance to Juno's vault and you turn on Eagle Vision you see one of the symbols that 16 drew at Abstergo the Lorenz Attractor.


Now my theory is that when 16 was hacking the Animus at Abstergo to put the glyphs in maybe he went through more memories of Ezio and found that he put the apple in the vault and saw the symbol on the entrance and he knew that Juno was evil and drew the symbol at Abstergo for Desmond to see and when he got to the vault he would see it and not go in. Also in his message "She can't be trusted" also maybe referring to Juno.