View Full Version : Stathem...this is long overdue

01-24-2008, 10:47 PM
First I must apologise for taking so long, I have moved out to the country and have no internet but should have made a better effort: Thank you very much for the work you did on "These Foolish Things". I especially liked the first mission chasing the ohkas around. Though my ground attack skills more closly resemble a kamikazi pilot, the campaign is a lot of fun. Thanks to you and to all who add to this great ga....simulation!

01-25-2008, 05:07 AM
Good to see you back online and really pleased you enjoyed the campaign.

And many thanks for your interest at release time, it really helped spur me on to make those final finishing touches and get it out.

I was really pleased and suprised at the great response to the campaign; I wasn't expecting the level of response that it got.

I'd like to say I had something else in the works, but I'm in the process of taking on an increased role at work, so time is very limited. Hopefully when I get used to it, and have a bit more time, I may make a start on something else.

Just reading yesterday that SoW will have a similar but improved FMB, so hopefully when that comes along we'll all be able to get up to speed with that quite quickly and start putting some campaigns out.

Best regards, Stat.