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Found this on another board:

Allison V-1710-127 (E27) ratings:

Model V1710-117 (E27)
Takeoff power 2825 hp 2108 kW
@ rpm 3000 rpm
Takeoff MAP 100 inHgA 3375 kPa

Military rating 2430 hp 1813 kW
@ rpm 3200 rpm
@ altitude 17000 ft 5182 m
MAP 85 inHgA 2869 kPa

War Emergency rating 2980 hp 2223 kW
@ rpm 3200 rpm
@ altitude 11000 ft 3353 m
MAP 100 inHgA 3375 kPa

Fuel Grade 115/145

Compression Ratio 6.00:1
Supercharger OD 9.5 in 241.3 mm
Supercharger gear ratio 8.10:1
Auxiliary S/C OD 12.1875 in 309.6 mm
Auxiliary S/C gear ratio 7.64:1
Propellor Gear ratio 2.478:1

Dry weight 1983 lb 901 kg

War emergency and takeoff ratings were with ADI. Even with the ADI and a rich mixture the exhaust temperatures exceeded the maximum temperature for the GE turbine wheel. The GE turbine wheel was from the CH-5 turbocharger used by R-2800 and R-4360s. In those applications the maximum temperature was 1600F (871C). For the turbocompound this was raised to 1725F (941C), but the exhaust temperatures at maximum power ratings were around 1825F (996C).

The proposed P-63H had the exhaust manifolds in the airstream in hopes to cool the exhaust temperature before it reached the turbine wheel. The exhaust from the turbine was then expelled through a 12" (304.8mm) nozzle under the rear fuselage.

Allison's proposed guarenteed performance of the -127, providing a turbine wheel that was capable of taking temps of 1950F (1066C) was:

Normal rating 1740 hp 1298 kW
@ rpm 3000 rpm
@ altitude 33000 ft 10058 m
MAP 52.5 inHgA 1772 kPa

Military rating 2320 hp 1731 kW
@ rpm 3200 rpm
@ altitude 28000 ft 8534 m
MAP 85 inHgA 2869 kPa

War Emergency rating 3090 hp 2305 kW
@ rpm 3200 rpm
@ altitude 28000 ft 8534 m
MAP 100 inHgA 3375 kPa

Maximum cruise 1340 hp 1000 kW
@ rpm 2700 rpm
@ altitude 26000 ft 7925 m
Specific Fuel Consumption 0.365 lb/hp/hr 0.222 kg/kW/hr

At WER 3200rpm, 11000ft and 100 inHgA the turbine delivered 890hp (664kW). This is around the same hp as the original V-1710s developed at the beginning of development.

Info has been taken from <span class="ev_code_YELLOW">Vee's For Victory - The Story of the Allison V-1710 Aircraft Engine 1929-1948</span> by Daniel D Whitney, ISBN 0-7643-0561-1.

Thought it might be of some interest after all the discussions, http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif , about what HP the Allison produced.

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