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This is in script form. And this is something 5 years in the making, I know it's not a lot, but I do have a life. I starting writing it in 2003, then didn't touch it till late 2007. So here it is http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif

P.S. NOT FINAL VERSION (and this is just the beginning, not even close to the end).

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DRIVER Tanner's Revenge
By: John Zakarauskas III

Main Characters: Tanner Harvey, Tobias Jones, John Zakarauskas III, Henri Vauban, Jericho and Alvaro Vasquez.

Story Line: Tanner Harvey, Tobias Jones, John Zakarauskas III, and Henri Vauban, are going after the $20,000,000 and the 40 stolen cars that were shipped to Russia, and most importantly Tanner wants revenge for what Jericho has done to him in the last Driver game, DRIV3R.

Kazan', Russia
Moscow, Russia
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Tula, Russia

Double Sawdoff Shotguns
Grenade Launcher
Service 9
Silenced Pistol
Sniper Rifle

Let the game begin...

Setting: Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.
Characters: Tanner, and Doctors.
Time: Day.
Cut Scene 1: Tanner is in the hospital because he was shot by Jericho, and the doctors are trying to help him.

Doctor 1: We got a bleeder severe abdominal trauma!
Doctor 2: Get the tube in!
Doctor 3: BP 50 and falling fast...
Doctor 1: Lost the pulse! Ok, paddles paddles now!
Doctor 2: Everybody! Clear! Stand back!

Setting: Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, and the Chief of Police from Miami.
Time: Day.
Cut Scene 2: After four tries to bring Tanner back, he finally comes to.

Screen goes black and says: http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/2653/drivertannersrevenge4wlvc0.jpg

Chief: Tanner, we tracked the cars they are going to Russia, and so is Jericho.
Tanner: When do we leave?
Jones: Right now.

Screen goes black and says: http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/1435/drivertannersrevengeloglv3.jpg

Setting: Airport in Turkey.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, and the Chief of Police from Miami.
Time: Night.
Cut Scene 3: The Chief and Jones tell everything they know about the stolen cars and Jericho.

Chief: Okay, Tanner, here is what is happening in Russia. Jericho has the $20,000,000 and the 40 stolen cars. He has some help, and they are working for us. John Zakarauskas III and Henri Vauban. You know Henri already.

(While the Chief talks the screen shows John Zakarauskas III and Henri Vauban talking and they are trying to think of a plan to get the cars and most importantly, Jericho.)

Jones: Now, John Zakarauskas III he is a rookie from the FBI he is undercover and the only ones who know this are the Chief, Vauban, and I. Wait now you (Jones laughs).
Tanner: Now don't go off track Jones, tell me more about this John Zaka what ever guy.
Jones: Okay, John Zakarauskas. This is his first case undercover, and he is good at his job. He is working on Jericho's side and he has been giving us all the info so far. Now Henri is working by himself. He is in Moscow and he will meet us there at the airport.

Setting: The airport in Moscow, Russia.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban and the Chief of Police from Miami.
Time: Day.
Cut Scene 4: Vauban is inside the airport waiting to give them the information on where the cars are. Once told the Chief of Police leaves because he realizes it is up to them now.

Setting: Outside the airport in Russia.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Day.
Cut Scene 5: Tanner, Jones, Vauban and John get involved in car chase because some of Jericho's and Alvaro Vasquez's crew spot them coming out of the airport.

Vauban: Tanner, we got word that the cars are in Kazan' but we will not be able to get there in a couple of days.
Tanner: Why not!?
Vauban: Jericho has brought in some help, do you remember Alvaro Vasquez?
Tanner: No, it has been a while been in to many crashes and places to remember.
Jones: How could you forget him, he was working with Solomon Caine in Rio a couple of years ago, he was involved in drugs, cars, money, and violence.
John: Guys, we better get out of here!!!
All: Why!?
John: We got some trouble, Jericho and Vasquez's crew found us.

Mission 1: Escape
Description: Get away from the gangs at any cost, every man for them self, get in a car and get to the safe house in Tula with no tail on you.

Setting: Safe house in Tula.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Night
Cut Scene 5: Tanner, Jones, Vauban and John make it to the safe house.

Tanner: Vauban, do you know much about John.
Vauban: All I know is this is his first time going undercover. With the exception of you he is the best driver. He has been with Jericho for a couple of months now, he will be giving us all the info on what will be going down until we know that it will be safe to get the cars.
Tanner: I don't know, he seems kind of fishy to me, I don't like him....
Jones: Tanner, it is time to go find Jericho and Vasquez. We know where they are staying.
Tanner: Okay, where?
Jones: They are in Moscow, so be ready; they got a lot of fire power and a lot of guys.
Tanner: I was ready before you even started talking, let's go.

Mission 2: Gun Fight
Description: Let them know you mean business, kill all in sight, and expect the worst. They will not go down easily; they have body armor and a lot of guns. Make sure you got everything ready before going in.

Setting: Jericho's safe house in Moscow.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Night
Cut Scene 6: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John make it to Jericho's safe house. They check the building to see that no one is there. On the way back to their cars they are caught of guard and get in a shoot out.

John: It's a trap! Get out of here!
Tanner: We can't! They blew out our tires!
Jones: Where's Vauban!?

(They look over to see he is down.)

John: We got to get him out of here!
Jones: I see a truck over there!

(They get in the truck and drive away.)

Mission 3: Save Vauban.
Description: Get Vauban back to the safe house with no tail on you. The gang will chase you down; use the weapons in the back of the truck for some extra fire power.

Setting: Safe house in Tula.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Night
Cut Scene 7: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John make it back to the safe house, but they were followed...

Mission 4: Save Vauban. (Part 2)
Description: Get Vauban and Jones back to the safe house. It is up to Tanner and John to hold them off until everything is safe to go in.

Setting: Safe house in Tula.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Night.
Cut Scene 8: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John make it back to the safe house.

Tanner: Vauban, are you okay?
Vauban: Yes, just need some rest.
Tanner: Now that they know where we are hiding we'll need to find a new safe house.
Jones: I agree, but does anyone know another place?
Vauban: I do. There is a place in Nizhniy Novgorod.
John: Alright, Nizhniy Novgorod it is.

Setting: Safe house in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John.
Time: Dawn.
Cut Scene 8: Tanner, Jones, Vauban, and John make it back to the safe house.

John: Everything is almost ready, just moving in the last things.
Tanner: Good, now let's go get those cars.

Mission 5: The Cars.
Description: Get the cars and bring them back to the safe house.

Setting: The docks in Nizhniy Novgorod.
Characters: Jericho, Lomaz, and Vasquez.
Time: Dawn.
Cut Scene 9: Jericho and Vasquez find out who has come to town.

Vasquez: How is everything going?
Jericho: So far it is all going to plan.

(Lomaz comes running in.)

Lomaz: We've got a problem.
Jericho: What do you mean by problem?
Lomaz: That cop is here, he's in Russia. He knows where the cars are.
Vasquez: You're lying; Jericho killed him in Istanbul!
Lomaz: No, he's st...

(Vasquez shoots Lomaz and kills him.)

Vasquez: This isn't good, we most stop them now. Do you know of anything to shut them up and make them never come back?
Jericho: Well, it seemed where ever Tanner went his little buddies were there to. I want you to take out Vauban and Jones to send him a little present on his welcome to Russia.
Vasquez: Should I kill John as well?
Jericho: No, we may need him.
Gang Member 1: What should I do with Lomaz and Calita?
Jericho: Dump them in the ocean.

(Jericho's brother comes in to see what's going on.)

Kahne: Hey brother, what you doing? I heard a gun shot, and I didn't shoot anyone.
Jericho: It's nothing, just a small problem. So Vasquez took care of it.
Vasquez: Who's this?
Jericho: My brother. He's the reason why I brought the cars, they're for him.
Vasquez: Why would your brother want all these cars?
Jericho: Wouldn't you want all these cars?
Vasquez: Yeah. That is why I'm here.
Jericho: I hope that answers your question.

Mission 6: Found Out.
Description: Jericho and Vasquez's crew arrives at your safe house, do whatever it takes to get out of there.

Setting: Safe house in Moscow.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, John, and Vauban.
Time: Night.
Cut Scene 10: Tanner is starting to question why Jericho and Vasquez keep finding them.

Tanner: How do they keep finding us!
John: I think I know.
Vauban: Okay, what is it?
John: I checked the cars, they were bugged, and they followed us from the dock probably.
Jones: What do we do guys? We need to get those cars but we can't keep getting caught like this.
Tanner: I know what to do. Let's make sure we check if there are anymore bugs on the cars, ditch them somewhere else to trick them into thinking that is where we'll be. When we will actually be off getting the other cars and no one will be there to see us.
Vauban: I'll bring the cars to the spot; you guys get the other cars.

Mission 7: Trick.
Description: Bring the cars to the spot and wait till you get the clear that the other cars have been taken.

Setting: The "trick" Drop point.
Characters: Jericho, Vasquez, and Vauban.
Time: Night.
Cut Scene 11: Vauban gets corned by Jericho and Vasquez.

Jericho: It seems we have a guest, why hello...
Vauban: Henri.
Jericho: Henri, Vauban?
Vauban: Yes, what do you want?
Vasquez: We want you out of here.

(A man from the shadows shoots and kills Vauban.)

Jericho: One down, three to go.

Setting: Safe house in Moscow.
Characters: Tanner, Jones, and John.
Time: Dawn.
Cut Scene 12: Tanner is wondering what happened to Vauban.

Tanner: Where's Vauban? He's been gone for hours.
Jones: I don't know, maybe he got lost.

(The phone rings.)

Tanner: How did you get this number?
Man on phone: Turn on the T.V.
Tanner: What channel?
Man on phone: The news.
Tanner: Which one?
Man on phone: Anyone.

(Man hangs up.)

John: Who was that?
Tanner: I don't know. John, turn on the T.V.
John: What's wrong?
Tanner: Just go to the news, and it doesn't matter which one.
Anchor on T.V.: Three bodies were just discovered today in the ocean. One is a cop; we don't know who the other two are at this time. All we know is the identity of the cop, and his name is Henri Vauban a police officer from Nice, France. The other two are a black male and a white female from America. We will keep you up-to-date on this story once more unfolds.

John: It's on every channel.
Jones: Tanner, the other two look like Calita and Lomaz.
John: Who did this?
Tanner: Jericho.

Anchor on T.V.: The person that found the bodies says he saw the shooters, and he was able to give the police a description of them.

(They show the pictures on T.V. and its Tanner, Jones and John.)

Anchor on T.V.: We are told they are armed and dangerous and if anyone sees them call the police immediately. And we just got word that we know the other two bodies, their names are Lomaz and Calita.

Jones: Tanner, what do you want us to do?
Tanner: Take one of his, just like he did to us.

This is what I have so far, what do you think?


I've made title screens, a list of songs I'd like to have in the game, and even the box art cover for my game.

This is what the box art cover looks like:


You can see more at the IGN.com boards http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

05-27-2008, 03:18 AM
there is a little too much exaggeration in some of the script such as:

when tanner is on the phone and then "the man" says turn on the TV, then its just too much exaggeration such as what channel

alls it would need there is "the man" to say turn on the TV and then put the phone down,
(while the guys are staring at the TV in shock)

and BTW... whats the font you used on the boxart?

Plus dont worry i'll delete the post once you have commented!


well i forgot to give you feedback...

I think the base idea would be good but could do with a bit of work from the team at reflections!

and the boxart... Well i think that is brilliant, and i hope that they get someone like yourself to develop the boxart (although some of it is just modified D3 images) the whole layout of the boxart looks really good!!

good luck in the future!
I think you'll get far if you just let people give you feedback and take it in really well, because there may be things that they could add which would make it get that little closer to being the best out there!!

05-27-2008, 07:25 AM
I like the part "Let's go! We can't, they blew out our tires!". http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif