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I stretched as I got out of my bed. I checked my My-Link for the time. 10:30.. 10:30?!?! "I'm late! I overslept!" I thought to myself. I rushed to my closet and quickly pulled out some clothes. "Grr.." I said. My My-Link had 66 messages. The latest one was from Jordan Miller. It said, 'You're late for class, it's too late to enter. Sincerely, Jordan' "Noo! I can't! Aw, I missed class!" I moaned. I slowly picked up the clothes, and changed into them. I walked out my house, and outside was the Food Fair. I just moved there.

"Mornin', Daliah!" I said to Daliah Delancey, the Gardener Role-Model. She waved at me and said, "Marine! You have to buy one of these flowers. They've just arrived!".

"What are they?" I asked.

"Mystery flowers. But it's also very exotic." she replied.

"Sure, how much?" I asked again.

"Just 3 gems." she smiled.

"K, here."

I pulled out some gems out of my purse and gave them to her as she handed me the flowers. Daliah waved goodbye. "Hmm.." I thought, examining the flowers.

I was at the Reyes Modeling Agency. I switched talents. I tried out my new poses. I spotted my good friend, Salacia. "Hey, Sal!" I said.

"Hey, Marine!!! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif" she answered.

I really want a Best friend but nobody thinks of me as one. My first friend was Sal, and she's SUPER nice.

I checked the rest of my texts. Most were about parties, or contests. But some were important. Like:

'Hey Sis! It's Flora. Do you wanna hang out today? Love, Flora'

'Big singing performance!' (From Hermione Starshine)

I stretched, and tapped on the friends section. 5/197 friends were online. 'Busy Day for playing.' I thought. I teleported to Flora Willow(My sis). The next thing I knew, I was at Pierre's Restaurant.

"Sis!!" I shouted.
"Mar!!" she shouted back. "You saw my text, right?"

After hours of that, I was tired so went to bed.

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~Chapter 2~

I sat at the benches of Jade Port, kicking the wheels of my scooter. (Hehe, I got the idea from UbiWorld). It had been flat-tired since it rolled over a sharp stick. How can I get to my daily lesson with Flora Reyes? I looked at my world map. I only teleport to places for emergencies. Isn't this an emergency? I tapped on Flora Reyes's Modeling Agency, and the next thing I knew, I was standing right in the middle of Reyes' Modeling Agency.

I was so relieved. But I had forgotten my scooter! Oh, it was right next to me. Luckily, my friend Tiffany Stellar Love had a pumper, and loaned me it. Ah, my wheels are like brand new!

My daily lesson was amazing! Flora taught me a bunch of things. I rode my scooter all the way back home. When I changed into my pajamas and went to bed and closed my eyes, my My-Link goes off. I groan and I moan, and I snatch my My-Link and answer it. "Hello?" I say sleepily, trying for the chance to hang up. "Hi, Marine. You don't know me, but we should we should hang out sometime. Sincerely, Anonymous" it hangs up, then I go to bed, very confused.

~Chapter 3~

I step into the tub, very hot, and I lay there, relaxing. I think about my friends. Nobody has been visiting nor texting me lately. Am I a bad friend??? I pull out my Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire book. (I'm seriously in real life on that book!) I turn to page 6, cause I just bought it. I read and read, then I saw the summary on the back. Hm. Interesting. Then, I hear a 'DING ****!'. I completely ignore it, 'cause my house is locked. Then, 'DING **** DING **** DING **** DING **** DING ****'

"Coming!" I yelled.
I got out, put on my yellow miniskirt designed by UbiDarla, a pink and white glitter rock top, glitter rock shades, glitter rock brown boots, bohemian blue and purple necklace, and green dangle hoops from the Jade Mall.

I ran to the door, and unlocked it. There was a girl with Ruby Red Hair, freckles, and a huge smile. "Um.. Hi? Who are you?" I asked. "Hi, I'm Grace Melody. I accidentally received your package. Here you go." she handed me an unusual package and left. I opened it. There lied small blue glasses. I knew it! I needed glasses! That's why I couldn't read the world map! I was so happy.

Peace & Love,

~Chapter 4~

Today was a very tough day. I sang Who Says in front of everybody.

I leaped into bed, forgetting to put on my pajamas. Then, the very next second, 'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP' my digital alarm clock beeped. I checked the time, '8:50'. How could I ever be up that late?? It's almost my daily lesson with other models my level... Oh NO!!! I put on my glasses and

I grabbed my My-Link, and called Layla Cheerful Dancer, my best friend. "Hello? Lay? Quick emergency.."

"Hey Mar! You're late.. Flora already started the lesson!" she said.

"I know!! Can you tell her my scooter gone mad again?"

"Sure Marz! Bye!"

"Bye Lay!"

Then everything gone quiet. I quickly grabbed random clothing from my closet. I changed as quickly as I could, then brushed my brunette hair roughly, and kicked my door open. I pulled my scooter by my side, then started it and rode it as fast as I could. "Marine! Tough day?" Daliah asked. I nodded panickally(Mispelled!) and rode straight to Reyes Modeling Agency.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late!" I nervously said.

"People make mistakes, Marine. Come listen. Today was about sitting posture." Flora cheerfully said.

~Chapter 5~

After our daily lesson, Vanessa gave me an EARLY audition for Hermione Granger!! I'm so pumped.. But nervous.

When I arrived at Vanessa's, I changed into my best dress and turned on my Hermione side. She gave me the lines, and I did them all right. She said I could've got the role. I HAVE to get it!! I love being the lead role!!! I need to win this..

~Chapter 6~

I walk down Reyes' Modeling Agency, wave hello to my passing friends, until Carli Ray talks to me.

"Ah, Marine! I need to speak with you!" she said, with a gleaming smile.


"Well, a Jade Island Gazette photographer just notified me something. That she was looking for you, a model. And was going to interview you for the upcoming Gazette issue!"

"Are you serious?!"

"Course I am! Here's her number:" she gives me the number, and I add it quickly to my My-Link. "Thank you so much Carli! I'll be back soon!" I pleaded.

I contacted the number.

"Hello? Diana News speaking?"

"Ah! Hello, I'm Marine Starbright, the model you were looking for?"

"Ah, Marine! Everyone's told me so much about you! Are you ready for your interview?"

"Sure! Just give me at least an hour, ok?"

"Sure, anything for you darling! See you within an hour!"

Then she hang up.

I called my best friend, Layla Cheerful Dancer, and told her all about it. She asked if she can help me with my outfit and hair and makeup. I said of course!!

When she arrived, she helped me pick out my outfit. It was a pink and purple short strapless dress, with lightning bolts on it. And with a silver glamour shawl, jade mall earrings, black bow, and black boots did just the trick. I brushed my straight hair until it could be as smooth as it can be.

Me and Layla went to Club C&B Seen for my interview. Diana arrived soon enough.

"Hello, Marine! Ready?"

I nodded.

"Alright! What's your favorite place in ImagineTown?"

"That would be the gardens."

"Great choice! Do you love the ice cream stands 'round town?"

"Who doesn't?!"

"Haha, alright, what's your favorite color?"

"Violet and Midnight Blue."

"What restaurant do you love the most?"

"Pierre's, of course! I love his signature coconut creme pie!"

"Ok Marine, last but not least, who's your best friend?"

"That would be no doubt but Layla Cheerful Dancer."

"Ok, great! I need to take a screenshot of your avatar in your profile and put it in the next issue of The Jade Gazette! See you on the magazine!"

I cheered and cheered. Me and Layla went to Pierre's. Then we had a sleepover at My House!!!!!!!! Today was awesome!!!!

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I'm sure you don't need Shannon's permission to write a story

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~Chapter 7~

I put my glasses on, put my bunny slippers on and rushed to the door. The mail had come. I opened it and saw the Jade Gazette. I was in it!!!!!!! Then, I looked at my My-Link and checked the time. 6:30. Still have enough time. I grabbed clothes out of my closet, and put them on. I wasn't in the mood for getting breakfast, so I went to Fashion Cafe for a quick whip of cappuccino. But Layla was sleeping over. I'd just leave a note saying where I've gone.

When I arrived, I saw my friend Erin Smart Grace. I said hi and hugged her. She said she saw me in The Gazette.

"You saw me?!"

"Yeah, everyone reads the Gazette, right?"

I nodded frantically, and ordered a cappuccino for both of us. We were talking so much I forgot the time! I said, "Sorry Erin! I've got to go to Flora's daily lesson. I'll catch up with you soon, k?"
She waved goodbye as I rode my scooter away to Flora's modeling agency.

After that, I called Erin back and we went to Jade Mall to shop! Then, we went to Club C&B Seen and listened and danced to Kiara and Hermione's Radio Station! Layla called me, and said she left. Today was a BLAST!!

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~Chapter 8~

When Layla got down, she smiled and took a seat. "Thanks, Mar!!" she said, taking a bite. I nodded.

Hey guys it's short but I can't write alot I'm going camping! I'm sad & happy http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif SEE YA GUYS!

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