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12-07-2011, 01:41 PM
I've just finished Revelations and I thought I'd say what I think, considering some of the negative feedback the game's been getting. Well, for starters, I'll just say that it's better than ACB in almost every single way:

Much better than any game in the series so far. I was especially amazed with how good the faces looked, for example, when Ezio was talking with Sofia. Very well animated and actually have texture. Lighting, shadows and reflections are also well done.

All of this ran on my PC much better than brotherhood did. I was afraid the game would lag as hell, but it turns out it's optimised better (thank god for that).

The score is fantastic. I was especially moved by the main theme at certain points of the game. The city themes are also, IMHO more varied and better sounding than Brotherhood's. About AC2 standard, I'd say.

Constantinople has to be the best city so far. the atmosphere, colours and city detail are very well executed. The streets are more lively and actually have stuff going on in them (unlike central Rome, which was basically walls and people walking between them). It's also fairly big - about 3 times the size of Venice.

That being said, navigation can be somewhat tedious, especially when it comes to finding ziplines that actually go in your direction. More fast travel stations would have also been welcomed. Another thing I wished they'd have done is to increase the vividness of the colours, as at certain points in the game the city can get excessively brownish.

Cappadocia was a nice change of setting and I wish more missions were located there.

Well, I must say that this is the fisrt AC game since AC1 that actually made me think twice before encountering guards. The easy ones are still ACB level easy, although they do attack more often. The janissaries and the like, though, are a bit tough to beat. You'll find yourself using the odd smoke bomb (or other tactical and/or lethal bomb) or assassin recruit much more often than in ACB. Also, those gunmen that shoot from their hiding spots in Templar territory are annoying as hell.

Fighting itself has truly become more varied. I especially enjoy the new hookblade maneuvers (eg. hook and run/steal/throw). However, killing animation, whilst delightfully brutal, can sometimes take a while to finish, resulting in someone hitting you.

Oh, and I found Eagle Sense to be very useful, especially when finding targets (eg. Den Captains), as it also highlights their paths. Too bad you have to stop walking to turn it on.

Secondary Missions
Well, the highlight here would be Altair's memories. But only in terms of importance. The sequences are rather short and have more sentimental and plot value than anything else.

The actual sequences when you obtain the keys are quite nice and some, like the forum of Ox, are quite thrilling. This also goes for some of the more cinematic sequences from the main story.

I was also surprised at how much depth was given to the master assassin missions for your recruits. They actually have a story (-ish) and consist of more than one objective.

As for the Desmond memories - nice art direction and backstory, but slightly dull.

I don't see how some people don't like it. I think it's a nice combination between AC1 and AC2's stories, with the conspiracies and all. In ACB, it was rather obvious what was going to happen, whereas in ACR there is at least some element of mystery to it.

The characters themselves have much more personality to them and I did find them very likable. I would have liked, however, to have seen more of Yusuf and probably 1 or 2 more scenes with Sofia.

Oh, and the ending, whilst not revealing anything completely revolutionary, does pose some new questions. The final scenes are very thrilling (even emotional), though.

From my limited playtime, it seems like a nice upgrade from ACB. Cool customisation options and I do like the new characters and maps (even though not many are new). I also like the new stun range and detection meter - they try and make you approach your target more carefully, whilst enabling you to humiliate your pursuers very easily. The new modes, from what I've seen, also look very fun.


Playtime: Eh, about 16 hours with some side missions completed and about 75% the city renewed. Would have liked an additional sequence, though.

12-08-2011, 05:30 AM
Nice review ;-)

12-08-2011, 06:37 AM
Yep not a bad review, although I don't think Revelations holds a candle to Brotherhood. I thought Rome was much more fun to navigate with a horse, and the story was far superior.

Now the ending is another story -- I think the Revelations ending was actually pretty good -- not so much with Brotherhood, but I will say after having played Revelations twice and the other 3 games countless times, that Brotherhood is superior by quite a bit.

Overall the AC story is pretty epic, and I TRULY hope that the next game will not be the last.