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08-01-2005, 07:26 AM
I recommend that when taking periodic hydrophone readings, on a negative result the player should take a listen. It turns out that the hydrophone will "pick up" sounds before the AI operator will alert the player that a ship is detected. On my last mission (10th, Spring 1941), my habit of checking myself paid off.

After a negative result, I turned up the volume on the hydrophone and did a 360 check. I heard faint screw sounds at 35 degrees. I surfaced and made a high speed run in that direction for 15 minutes and submerged. Again, the AI operator heard nothing. This time I was able to get a rough direction of motion so I used "Kentucky windage" and set a course on that estimate at flank speed. This time I made a longer run - a little more than an hour. It terminated with a "ship spotted" message and the discovery of a DD. It was a wing escort of a large convoy!

As it turned out, my angle on the covoy was bad and the main body was too far away (I'd loaded up exclusively with electric torps). I had to slowly move away and then speed ahead to get a better position. Result: 1 T3 tanker (and a resolution to carry at least a mix of long-range torps).

Note: My radio/hydrophone operators are highest rank and so efficiency is maxed out. The AI still has a higher threshold for reacting that the Sim does for reproducing ship acoustics on the hydrophone. Actually, I like this feature: it's as though "der Alte" is better than the the kids and sometimes takes over their stations to lead by example.

The Avon Lady
08-01-2005, 07:31 AM
Not only is the player better than the AI in hearing hydrophone contacts, the player is also better on watch above, being able to spot ships before the AI crew do - especially smoke.

08-01-2005, 10:28 AM
The AI Sonar man will report sound contacts at about 20km or less, I think maybe you (the player) can hear them at about 23km or so...