View Full Version : Patrol 13: Unlucky for all of us

06-17-2005, 12:12 PM
Its June of 1941, and time to take the boat for another cruise. We'll not mention the bad air, lack of women, bad food, odor, non-fun up and down all day motion of a uboat in the atlantic.. that's sissy talking! We are men. Men of daring do and hardship bearing.

The slow up and down cruise to the patrol zone was interrupted by several lone merchant men. The weather even permitted some gleeful deck gunning, by the captain. My rated gunner was made to sit in the flak zone by himself, the trigger happy heathen. Aiming to skip the round into the side of the small merchantmen, while their crew lowered boats to get away, or called for help, or looked around desperately for something to shoot back with, was most rewarding.

All was good. Some torpedoes were used on a pair of large merchantmen, but we still had about 8 left when the balmy atlantic day was interrupted by a largish convoy.

From our last misadventure, we knew not to trust engineering schematics from lustful French engineers. We relied on the Kriegsmarine's latest book instead. The book with the nice pictures, and large notes such as 'fuel', 'propulsion', and so forth.

As is our method, we laid out boat markers on a large board, and studied the setup. Most ships would survive one keel depth hit. There were six escorts total, perhaps seven. Eight main ships, surrounded by insane small merchantmen and coastal merchants.

"This is hopeless!" opined my exec. "We cannot get them all captain, some will slip away."

In a fit of desperation, we had the radio man call BDU. The reply came back...

'Hello from BDU. This is an automated message responding to your plea for assistance. We are currently out of the office, but will give your matter the closest attention possible on Monday (shist, it WAS Friday after all...) Thank you for your patience. Sincerly, BDU staff'

Do we shadow the convoy for two days? Call again for backup, or a possible air attack? Or, man the deckgun and annihilate the V&W destroyer that has come upon out strategy meeting.

One burning hulk V&W later...

'Captain, your plan is working. Here comes another destroyer to take our precious deck gun ammo!' I hate my exec.

'Captain, he is destroyed! Minor damage. Here comes a frigate.'

One torpedo hit later, and his hulk slid by us, sailors manning the life boats and throwing pointy things at the deck gun crew.

'Oh look, a Hunt 1 destroyer, incoming.'


'Another frigate sir.' Whoosh, boom.

'Oh, I think that..'

'Yes, that's all of them. Lets go destroy the convoy!'

In hindsight, it was probably silly to sink all six escorts. The torpedoes and ammo would have been best used on the C2s instead. But, one troop transport, one c3, a T2, and 2 C2s later, it was somewhat irrelevant. We even armed the deck gun with flares and pulled along side a small merchant, unchained the gunnery rated fellow, who had been nibbling on his chain all the time, and sank the merchant with many rounds of white hit flares.

After all, it was Friday.

Cpt. Olebrond