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04-28-2005, 03:15 AM
So i start out from brest ealier in the morning in my VIIB which was newly reffited with radar and another flak emplacement. Im assigned to patrol AM19. I think to myself "Not bad, i can hunt around near the western approaches, nice." On my way around ireland directly south of it i encounter a class c destroyer. "Dive to periscope depth!" I look out and he seems unaware of my presence, so i set up for an attack. I open tubes one and two and set depth for magnetic detonation. "Fire one" **** a miss... "Fire two" Another miss due to the torpedo door being closed (?). I quickly prepare a third fish, open the door and fire. Looks as if its going to miss..::BOOM:: Big explosion in the stern. I was happy with just immobilizing her, but within a few seconds she was on her way to the bottom. So i surface and continue up the west side of the coast and i spot a C3 cargo along with a small cargo. Wind is at around 5 m/s I think to myself "Deck gun time http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif" I begin to open fire on the small merchant but when the c3 starts to fire back i target him. I succeed in blowing off his gun and sink him soon after, i then go after the crippled small merchant and sent her to join the c3 on the bottom. I quickly race out of the area on surface to avoid being caught. I continue to my patrol zone. Things were quiet. After my patrol i decide to head west along the convoy route. A little while later a pick up an incoming convoy to the southwest. I quicky get ahead of the convoy and engage them. I run ahead slow to ahead 1/3 depending on the position of the lead DD. The convoy is comprised of mostly small merchants a few c2s a nice juicy c3 and one small tanker. The tanker and c3 are in opposite lines so i line myself up so the convoy was abeam. Ahead of me was a c3 and c2 cargo and behind me the tanker. I quickly set my torpedos to the coresponding depths of the ships. Tubes one and two for the c3, 3 and 4 for the c2 and tube 5 for the tanker. Open up all 5 tube doors. Within 20 seconds all my fish are swimming. All hit and all sink their targets immediatly, except the c3 which takes a bit to go down. Blinded by my success i quickly realize two hunt I DDs are coming down on my fast firing shells. I crash dive and then ahead slow. They get pretty close with depth charges but as time goes on i managed to slink further and further away, managing to keep my stern towards thems as they ping away. Another hour of evasive manuvering and they are out of range and im on the surface setting course for home. I only have one torpedo in my aft tube and plan to use it in an emergency. On the way home i encounter a lone small merchant and another lone c3 which i deck gun to death (wow the weather was calm all patrol for once). After sinking the c3 i quickly leave the area flank speed, but to no avail. I spot a Clemson DD coming down on me at flank speed (35kts) about 6000m away bearing 240. I dive to periscope depth and rig for silent running. I turn to port and get my stern tube lined up with him exactly. I keep thinking to myself "Just go away.." Eventully he slowed to 12kts but not changing course, probably trying to listen for me. I slow to 1 knot as to make as least noise as possible. I set the torpedos depth and open the door to get ready. At 1000m he still doesn't give up and i let my fish swim. about 40 seconds later i had an impact. A following 20 seconds later his stern was in the air with his screws still turning and down he goes. This was just outside the english channel, so the rest of the time back to base was uneventful. I would think this would be one of my most successful patrols yet, not in tonnage perhaps, but in the attacks.

04-28-2005, 04:25 AM
Nice story!

How did you manage to send away 5 torps directed at 3 different targets in just 20 seconds? Did you just aim the intire submarine, or was the weapons officer a litle more competent than the imbecile I'm equiped with?


04-28-2005, 04:47 AM
Yeah! Excellent story! I also would like to know how to target different targets almost at the same time...I´ve not yet encountered any convoys, but I´m sure it will come pretty soon, and I want to be prepared to make havoc among the ships!

04-28-2005, 04:55 AM
The way I do (WO included)
1. Plan your attack
2. Set torpedo depths, detonators, speeds
3. Open tube, fire, open next tube, select the target, lock ask WO for solution, fire....etc
It is possible to send all the eels on their way in 20 seconds.

04-28-2005, 01:18 PM
Yes, im just surprised they werent duds. Maybe i got a lucky hit or two, i didnt see all of them burn, just the c3