View Full Version : Last Man Standing ( Sequence 1 end fight video)

02-28-2010, 02:47 AM

I remember seeing a topic on this a while ago on a another website where you must kill every guard instead of escaping. I found killing all the guards before others respawn frustrating, but while trying that method i found a better idea.

While fighting i realized that the lowest amount of guards you can have alive at one time is 4 before more come. I tried combining them with Pazzi but it got confusing, its best to just kill them all ( the weak thugs, one of them got the brutes weapon somehow lol)

Because Brutes cannot climb, i decided to take them out too. Using the disarm exploit i killed both of them and kept the last weapon. When you get to 5 guards left you may as well use the counter as you will lose your weapon, but you will not need it once there are 4 left. Lure the rest of them to the wooden crate thing. I find it is best to climb on top of it as you get them very close together. Then simply grab one of them and throw him into the crate to kill everyone before anyone else can respawn.

I decided to keep the last clip, the guy in the background is floating around in a way i have never seen before, no idea what happened to him.

02-28-2010, 03:13 PM
damn i forgot to remove the HUD