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09-29-2010, 04:03 PM
inspired by Hehenzy's earlier post, here's some info on the AA in RUSE by faction, based on Burning Phoenix's most excellent RUSE unit viewer.....

Firstly - all AA has a range of 550m, except for the German 88mm and the Italian 90mm, which range in at 600m.

The two strongest AA units in the game are the German Wirbelwind and the UK Skink, both doing 62 damage. They're also two of the most dangerous, as both run with level 3 (45mm) armour, and can do reasonable amounts of damage to infantry and buildings, and even some damage to light armour. However, make sure you need mobile AA before you build them, or are putting up a prototype base for other reasons, as the cost of five units (including initial base cost) for the Whirbelwind is 300, and the Skink 405).

The Italian M15 Contraereo does the same amount of damage as the Whirbelwind/Skink, but only has level 1 (15mm) armour, so is far more vulnerable to artillery. It's not a lot cheaper than the Whirbelwind though - 270 for five units and the required base.

The best mobile AA in the game, in my view, is the US M-19. It 'only' does 48 damage (compared with a Me-262s 45), but is significantly cheaper (235 for five - and coming out of the Arty base which you'll build generally build early, rather than the Prototype base for the others), and still has level 3 (45mm armour), so arty will have limited effect on it.

The other three Mobile AAs aren't to be sniffed at - the Soviet ZSU has level 2 (30mm) armour, and only does 23 damage, but is also nice and cheap (145 for the first 5, 20/unit), while the US M-16 is even cheaper (110 for the first 5, 15/unit) and does 28 damage, but only has vehicle armour, so gets shredded by pretty much anything (and both come from the Arty/AA base). The Italian's Breda 90/53 (from their Prototype base) is also worth a gander, due to its versatility as a mobile AA or AT gun, but only does 25 damage, and also only has vehicle armour.

All of the mobile AA options travel at 31 km/hr, except for the ZSU, which zips along at 39 - it's quicker than any Soviet, and can hurt infantry and vehicles. Got me thinking about trying a ZSU rush :lol:.

As for the static AA options, the best in terms of damage is the German Flak 88 and Italian Breda 90 (note that the Flak 88 comes from the Arty/AA base, the Breda from the AT), which does 25 damage in one hit (ie, quickly), and has a slightly longer range (600m to the usual 55m), but they're both pretty pricey - 245 for the first five - and you can't put 'em in forests, which leaves them out in the open and easily shreddable (or chewing up radio silence ruses). While their dual-role is handy, if AA is your main concern, it makes more sense for either faction to invest in their slightly more expensive (55 more for five Whirbelwinds) or cheaper (10 less for five M15 Contraereo) mobile AA option. Sure, you can't put these in forests either, but their mobile and have some armour.

Note that the only faction without mobile AA is the French. Well, other than the FCM-1, but that 'mobile' is 24 km/hr, it only does 23 damage and it'll cost you 445 to build five (poor 'ole Brits again - for 405 they can have five Skinks - compared with 445 for five heavy tanks with AA for the French!)

The rest are the bog-standard AA options. These all have infantry armour, all travel at infantry speeds (24 km/hr), and all come from Arty/AA bases. The cheapest to get off the ground early is the USSR AA 37mm, which does 18 damage (against Air/infantry/buildings/vehicles), at 70 for the base and give, followed by:
<UL TYPE=SQUARE> <LI> France (The Camel - 16 damage, 85 for base+five)
<LI> The USA (Bofors - 23 damage, also 85 for base+five)
<LI> Germany (Flak 20mm - 18 damage, 95 for base+five)
<LI> The UK (Bofors - 23 damage, 115 for base+five, 30 more than the US for exactly the same piece of kit)
<LI> Italy (Breda 20mm - 18 damage, 120 for base+five)

Some things to note is that the French don't have a heavy-hitting AA option, and their camel only does 16 damage (and their fighters aren't particularly flash either), so if you're playing the French, don't be afraid to build some airplanes. And if you're the French, build a lot of Camels and place them well, at least they're cheap!

If you find stacks of tanks are getting smashed by airpower, then you want armoured, mobile AA, which means the US, UK, Germans or Soviets (although if you're attacking with tanks as the UK, you'll have other problems http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif). Keep in mind that Arty will hurt these a little, so you want some counter-arty in place if your opponent opens up on them. If you have to rely on the M16 or M15, then be careful, as Arty will tear these up pretty quickly. Same for any static AA that you might be dragging along behind your tanks.

Hope that was interesting. If you want me to put together something on the other 'elements' (AT/Tanks/Fighters/so on) let me know - this is interesting for me as well, so no worries at this end. What are everyone else's experience? What are your best AA tactics?

09-29-2010, 05:05 PM
The WW is AA porn. The 20mm is AA spam heaven .. and frankly i only ever build an AA/arty base to pump out AA... usually i go for the morser as my arty piece of choice (since it's really the best the germans have to offer and i usually get map control quite easily in games generally speaking.

01-27-2012, 07:05 PM
OK im no pro at ruse but i think that the wirblewind is the best if u want to get it quick just build a protype base and get the upgrade and there u go. if you disagree just say

01-27-2012, 07:12 PM
ok the germans have good arty its just that u dont use it right its infrantry death trap at close range and the sturtiger can destroy buildings close range so that my say

01-28-2012, 10:36 PM
Idk when I am England the Italian moblile AA makes me rage.

01-30-2012, 12:46 AM
In terms of hardcore stats the Wirbel Wind is the best, the Skink is way too overpriced for the UK, which is an air faction, the Contrarero is pretty good and the M19 is ok, but the M16 is the most cost efficent of them and is the one which comes out the fastest thus in the end it's the best of all of them.

Also don't trust those numbers, it's DPS (or supposedly, I personally think it was just the numbers at one point in development but they constantly change them so I wouldn't know), the Breda will make a plane lose most of its health in one shot and cause it to panic immediately. Fighters do alot more damage to other planes than AA does, the numbers are just useful when you're comparing units with the same class of guns (like how they say a SAU-40 does more damage than a Sturmtiger when in game you quickly see it does not).

But anyway, against good players you're rarely going to be able to get a proto out effectively unless it's a huge map, thus really the best AA is the M16, even then AA isn't that good, planes can overwhelm it and it is very slow, leaving planes time to get out of their range. Its only use is to defend some static position, and once you're building stacks of 10 AA guns in each forest around your base they can easily just go in with ground and whip out what you have of a ground force with tanks.

03-25-2012, 12:25 AM
The Skink is ridiculously expensive for UK to use. The Wirbel Wind is the best, but it can be destroyed easily. I personally think that the M16 is the best for AA. You could spam it for less than half the price of the Wirbel Wind. Fighter Bombers can only really damage one unit at a time so they can take out the Wirbel Wind. Spamming M16's would be multiple targets and it would be much more difficult for the enemy to destroy them.

Through experience, I have found out that having ground AA is never really worth it because the enemy can work around it easily. The best air defense in mixing fighters with ground AA. The enemy would never send fighter bombers because he knows your fighters could take them out. If he sends fighters, the ground AA makes a huge difference in a dog fight. Also, just having ground AA would let the enemy aircraft escape after being routed. If you have some fighters, you could chase the enemy aircraft and destroy them.