View Full Version : U-Boat Diary Sept 1939-July 1940

07-26-2005, 01:06 AM
During my course in these dark days of war, my time in the kreigsmarine has been a contrast between elation and sadness. This has prompted me to keep a diary of my daily and weekly expeiriences.

My first wartime patrol started, while on patrol in the the north sea. Although war was thought to be a probabillity amongst much of my crew, the radio message received from bdu to begin hostillity against the british still shock us abrubtly into our duty.

This 1st patroll was marked by a lack of expierience on my part as well as the crews, and defective armanments of our type IIa boat. The result was a return to port with sinkings. Our 2nd patroll faired no better. Defective torpeodes, and bad weather were our enemy.

My crew was morose, downcast and I feel blamed me for our lack of sucess.

I began our 3rd patrol in a environment of suspicion. After poor weahter for much of it during the winter of 1939, a torpedo did make contact. We were notified by bdu that the luftwaffa was able to confirm our 1st kill. The crews attitude increased markedly.

I requested and recived command of one our type VIIB boats. U-57. It was on our next patrol that we came into our own. A favorable patrol area, west of Scappa Flow, and favorable weahter played into our hands. That 2 week period in January 1940 saw us sink over 50,000 tons of shipping. We were periodically harrassed by british fighters, but to no effect.

In the spring of this year, we were detailed to patroll off of Norway, bergen and trondheim. We wracked up another 40,000 tons of damage against our enemy. When we returned I was celebrated as Germanys leading UBoat Ace. I hardly knew how to handle the acclaim.

Our next patrol was again marked with bad weather. I saw our great luftwaffe destroy a small merchant as i was aproaching from 5 kilometers. We managed to sink 3 more merchants during this time, before lack of mutions forced our return home.

It is now July 1940, and our patroll area is off the west coast of Ireland. Good weather permitted our first sinking of the patrol with our deck gun. Our spirits are still high. We are now in one our new type VIIC boats, which has greater range but slightly less speed than our former U-57.

Once France falls, I expect this war to come to a quick end.. even if Britian doesnt sue for peace I beleave our Fuherer and Country will quickly overwhelm them. I pray this is true for I daly requet the deaath caused to our brother sailors from Germany, and all other countries. The ocean is enemy enough.