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08-24-2005, 01:59 PM
With all the frustrations about AI (which I share at times, most notably watching to enemy flight leaders chase each other while their wingmen follow placidly, sometimes less than .10km apart)

At any rate, all these "grr" moments led me to thinking: How hard must it actually be to program AI?

Think about it-- This is a program, just a bunch of numbers, that the computers we own are designed to execute as effectively as possible. The machine isn't limited by reaction times or visibility restrictions, it just sees a bunch of little bits of information. So of course the natural tendency of the computer is to execute combat manuvers at the peak of efficiency. The computer knows (technically) exactly how to milk every last drop of performance out of the aircraft. So how, then, does a programmer go about crippling this efficient machine into being a believable opponent with the limitations of a person?

To me, it's kind of amazing that it can be done at all (and be even close to realisitic).

On a related note, does anyone remember the mission in the old IL-2 for the German fighter where a flight of Ace I-153s show up? That's a good example of what the computer can do. These dumpy little crates flew like gods and every shot landed on target. It was amazing, and amazingly frustrating, because it took so many tries to finish that mission.

Just a little muse.