View Full Version : Mig 9 - the copied parts

12-21-2006, 08:56 PM
So far I noticed:
1) Engines, that is obvious, slightely modified.
2) Tail section - from the 262
3) tachometers - almost a direct copy
4) Artificial horizon with slip indicator (but not turn, that one omitted)
5) Compass (gyrocompass?)
6) Wings are similar to he-162. I think in they gave both craft a good roll, and high as well as low-speed performance.

I flew against it in a yp-80 without luck. Its a good energy fighter, and the high-altitude airfoil peformance is very good.

Cant help but laugh at the heat-shielded tail. "Comrade, what about the coanda effect?" - "well at least germans didn`t have that!"