View Full Version : Snapping a screen shot ??

07-09-2007, 10:15 AM
I did a search for the topic but only came up with a VISTA... Im running SHIII straight with the 1.4 patch. How can I snap a in game snap shot ?
Thanks !

07-09-2007, 10:42 AM
Screenshots are done with Ctrl+F11.

They are saved by default into your SHIII installation folder. Something you might want to keep in mind is using the no-dials (./Del key) option before you snap is screen.

They sre saved as bmp files, huge for images. If you post any jpg format is prefered for loading time and 800x600 for the contest (w/no-dials).

07-09-2007, 11:06 AM
Thanks ! So hold the (del/.) key first.. then at the same time push (ctrl + f11) keys ? Correct ?

07-09-2007, 12:14 PM
No. Make sure NumLock is activated. Press Del key on the keypad once. The dials will go away. Snap a screen. Press Del again t re-acquire the dials

07-09-2007, 05:50 PM
Thanks !! Gottcha !