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06-30-2010, 07:42 AM
i was playing hunter mode online for like 30 mins+ when i got out of sync error... getting used to it.
but thats not the problem.
a friend invited me for a match but could't join the match with him saying that the connection is not responding... wth?
my connection is [s]zhitty but it works. i had so much "out of sync errors during the start of the coop campaign, i can tell you the whole starting cutscene dialogue without the game running... -.-

my apologies to cpnodc, i really wanted to play but could not due to foreseen events...

06-30-2010, 08:14 AM
if it is giving you "Unable to connect to the match" it means his ports are not opened, if it says "Splinter Cell Conviction servers are not available" that means you have to keep trying to go through it, 5-10 tries and it will let you connect to it.

My best option is to use Tunngle and play through LAN.

But yes patch 1.04 not only made life junky for us Retailers and Steammers but also it made life bad for piraters since they cannot run SCC with 1.04 nor can play it but there are quite plenty and quite enough of retailers on Tunngle.

Stop using matchmaker it does not work as it should. Find a person on Tunngle as his Conviction ID and then add him and use friend invite.


06-30-2010, 10:56 AM
Just FYI. Any properly coded client/server game never requires the client to have to mess so heavily with ports in order to play.

Clients connect/play with no issues.

But because Ubisoft chose to use matchmaking, which turns a client into the "host" for the connection, ports come into play severely; so this game isn't what you could call 'plug n' play'.

But even when you have your ports forwarded, this game suffers from a myriad of connection issues. The newest one is that the game will freeze or the screen will go black for 30+ seconds. Only when you CTRL+ALT+DEL do you hear the game continue in the background, but by then I'm logging off the PC (because for some reason, bringing up the task manager to kill the SCC.exe process results in re-focusing the non-responding program)

Ubisoft could deserve no better score than an 'F' for Multiplayer. It's another case of quality that never sees its potential.

06-30-2010, 09:15 PM
hmm, my ports are open.
what i was getting was "...Connection is not responding"
but i accepted another friends invite the day before and it worked.
still, am going to try tunngle.