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11-20-2011, 06:33 PM
I want to make a thread that compiles all the information for the Assassin Recruits in Revelations. I don't know everything, but would like some help to learn all of it.

Assassin Ranks
--If you don't mind, read the titles of your Assassin Recruits and look at their level and get back to me and tell me so I can finish this section!
Rank 1 - Recruit
Rank 2
Rank 3
Rank 4
Rank 5 - Footpad
Rank 6 - Disciple
Rank 7 - Mercenary
Rank 8 - Warrior
Rank 9 - Veteran
Rank 10 - Assassin
Rank 11 - Assassin, Second Rank
Rank 12 - Assassin, Third Rank
Rank 13 - Assassin, Fourth Rank
Rank 14 - Assassin, Fifth Rank
Rank 15 - Master of a Den
-Credit to AdmiralPerry for the Rank Titles.

How the Ranking System Works
You begin with a Rank 10 Assassin, and a Rank 5 Assassin. The Rank 10 Assassin inevitably becomes the Den Leader for Galata, and is involved in the storyline. The Rank 5 Assassin is obtained during a storyline mission, but from there has no other effect on the storyline.

Whether the Assassin begins on Rank 1 or Rank 5 or anywhere in between, they can all Rank up to Rank 10. By Rank 9 however, they will have used all their skill points. At Rank 10 they will receive Master Assassin Armor and Weapons.

At Rank 10, you are able to assign this Assassin to a Den. Once you assign them to a Den, it cannot be undone. However, this Assassin can now Rank up to 11, 12, 13, and level 14, and ultimately to 15. As a Den Leader, you can begin Part I of their Master Assassin mission anytime you would like. Once completed, Part II will not immediately appear. To get Part II to appear, you must rank them up to Rank 14. After completing Part II, the Assassin becomes a Master of a Den (such as Galata Master). They also change Assassin Robes, closely resembling Yusuf's (I have yet to determine if it actually is Yusuf's.

Assassin Types and Weapons
Primaries (These are what the Assassin uses in melee combat)
Hidden Blade - Every Assassin Recruit comes equipped with Hidden Blades.
Heavy Weapons - Such as the large axes, and swords.
Normal Weapons - Such as swords, and hammers.
Small Weapons - Such as daggers.
Secondaries (These are what the Assassin uses in ranged combat)
Throwing Knives
Hidden Gun
Other Equipment (As far as I know, certain Assassins can use special equipment, it may be different for each one though)
Smoke Bombs

Skills and Abilities
After leveling up, your Assassins are given skill points for every level they gain up until Level 9. Their are 8 slots to allot for your Assassin, and ultimately they're all filled up to the max. After filling them up, you can unlock a fifth slot but it is automatically used when they reach Rank 10.
Armor Set 1 - Azap Leather Set
Armor Set 2 - Mamluk Metal Set
Armor Set 3 - Sepahi Riding Set
Armor Set 4
Armor Set 5 - Master Assassin Set

Weapon Set 1
Weapon Set 2
Weapon Set 3
Weapon Set 4
Weapon Set 5

11-21-2011, 09:17 AM
I too have been working on an Assassin's guild reference, just for the heck of it. I did one for my second playthrough of Brotherhood and I felt like I was actually managing a group of trained Assassins. And it helped me track their progress. Anyway, here's what I've found so far.

-Assassins recruited from helping them fight off guards aren't necessarily at level 1. I've only had one level 1 Assassin; most of the others have come in at either level 5 or level 7--and yes, I fought off guards with these guys, so I think the level is randomly chosen.
-Some Assassins will come equipped with bombs. Some have the standard smoke bombs, while others may carry thunder bombs.
-Successfully completing a Den Defense will also net your Assassins loads of points, depending on how well you did.

Here's what I've found regarding ranks (I'm still missing the earlier three, from level 2-4):
-Assassin, Second Rank
-Assassin, Third Rank (This is conjecture as of right now, but it makes sense, given the pattern)
-Assassin, Fourth Rank (This is conjecture)
-Assassin, Fifth Rank
-Master Assassin

If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.