View Full Version : some p-47/p-51 lineage help

10-20-2005, 10:16 AM

greetings, i have a simple yet complicated question then some factoids as seen from my cockpit.
1. P-47D ok got it installed, and made the suggetsed skins folder and it works fine, but where in the lineage is it? Is it an late p-47, i was expecting one with the dorsal fin tail support, like on an M-N. So is this a p47d 30 or whatever block??? just curious. And then the rocket question? Wouldnt it have the zero length rocket rails instead of the bazooka tubes? Once again just curious.

2. The P-51 with fin fillet, in my reference books it covers a blip about early D and late B-C. B-c have the fillet, early D do not. and then the rocket question again as per above.

3. Now for my view from the cockpit, the rufe and other seaplanes still land with the engine off but seem to be more glide worthy and a shallower apporach.

4. The betty bombay still looks open whenever i carry any ordinance. And that darned rear turret still does some kind of osicllation when trying to get onto an enemy fighter.

So just some thoughts from the mind of stugumby, overall i got great satisfaction from the new patch, previous posts were crystal clear as to what to expect and the intall went without any problems. Hats off and then some to the people who made the armored train, love that lizard camo job.